Science Channel is airing its Firefly 10th Anniversary Special on Sunday November 11 at 10pm. During the special, you’ll get to hear from the cast and what its like to look back on the show 10 years later. But what about the crew of Serenity? Here’s a look at where Captain Mal and his ragtag group would be today. WARNING: This slideshow contains spoilers for Firefly, as well as the follow-up film, Serenity.

#10 Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

Ten years on, Mal likes to spend some of his time running a farm just like the one he grew up on as a boy. These days, the captain takes Serenity out for mainly rescue missions, and to help folks in need. Mal likes being able to have the life he knew as a child, as well as the excitement of being Serenity’s captain. With the Alliance mostly on the run these days, he is happy to use his ship to help out those who need him to fight their battles for them.

Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

#9 Inara Serra

Now running a legitimate brothel, Inara is also mayor of a small town on same planet where Mal has his farm. She and Mal are involved in a passionate affair and have been for 10 years, but have no plans to be married yet. Inara no longer sees clients, but claims that it has nothing to do with Mal or his feelings. No one believes her, but they go along with it to keep her happy. It’s as close to marriage as she’ll likely ever get and she’s happy to be an aunt to her friends’ children.

#8 Simon Tam

Still a doctor, Simon runs a small practice in the same town where Inara is mayor. It’s mostly a friendly town, which means he spends the majority of his time birthing babies, tending to broken bones, and patching up whoever has gotten themselves shot or stabbed on Mal’s crew (usually Jane). He is also a doting father and spends time with his children whenever he is not at the hospital.

#7 Kaylee Frye

With captain Mal not flying as much as he used to, Kaylee spends a lot of her time running s small fix-it shop in town. If it runs on electricity or batteries, Kaylee can fix it. The work is only part-time, which leaves her plenty of time for chasing after her and Simon’s three children. Currently they have twin 5-year-old boys and a little girl that is as smart as her daddy and aunt River, combined.

#6 River Tam

After piloting Serenity for a while, River soon grew bored with it; just as she has with every other job she has tried over the past 10 years. In order to keep her active mind busy, River takes up a new career about once every six months. So far she’s been a pilot, a doctor, a mechanic, a seamstress, a rancher, a veterinarian and even a shop owner. Currently she is an artist and dancer.

#5 Zoe Washburne

In addition to running after a ten-year-old boy with bright red hair and the biting wit of his father, Zoe continues to act as Captain Mal’s second-in-command on Serenity. When the ship’s not flying, Zoe runs the many hands on Mal’s ranch. She keeps a quiet house on the property and has taken to bringing little Hoban with her on some of the crew’s safer missions. Her son is now taking flying lessons from both Mal and River.

#4 Jayne Cobb

These days, Jayne is a frequent flyer at Inara’s brothel, and is proud of the fact that he has the record of never being with the same woman more than a handful of times. Jayne says it’s because he likes variety, Inara says it’s because her ladies get tired of his big mouth and kick him out of their beds. When he’s not visiting Inara’s ladies, Jayne still flies with Mal and acts as security. When not flying, he likes to help round up the cattle on the ranch.

#3 Hoban "Wash" Washburne

After meeting an untimely end, Wash is now a ghost (this was a Joss Whedon show after all). These days Wash spends a lot of his free time floating around Serenity’s decks (and messing up the wiring on the ship to annoy Kaylee). Though he’s also begun haunting an old abandoned house on the outskirts of town. Wash has discovered the fun of terrorizing the kids who dare each other to knock on the door, but he’s much too friendly to give anyone more than a slight shiver.

#2 Shepherd Book

Along with Wash, Shepherd Book is a ghostly presence these days. But unlike his spectral friend, Book mostly stays on board Serenity, even when she is docked. He likes to quietly read his Bible and is always there to listen when the old crew comes by to have a chat. Everyone on the crew knows that he is there and they all welcome his presence on board. When alone on watch during a long night in space, Captain Mal has been known to have pleasant conversations with his old friend.

#1 Serentiy

She may have a little more wear and tear on her these days, but Serenity is still flying. She’s got two ghosts to keep her company most of the time and has even enjoyed the pitter-patter of teeny tiny feet on her decks. Though the old girl appreciates the breaks in between missions, Serentiy still loves those days when Kaylee comes to give her a final tune-up, and Mal and the rest of the crew board her for another adventure. She has no intentions of retiring any time soon.

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