Although fast-paced, crammed with drama, and more exciting than just about the entire season put together, last night’s episode played out sort of like a parody of the Gossip Girl we know and (mostly) love.

“The Princesses and the Frog” featured two marriage proposals, an apparent murder, a domestic dispute, a possibly psychotic blonde and more backstabbing than outfit changes – not only unusual for an average episode of Gossip Girl, but also starting to sound more like a daytime soap.

We Are All On Drugs

Chuck’s downward spiral persists, which is apparent by the ominously tilted camera angle each time it shows him (and the fact that his beard is sprouting at rapid speeds). Not only stewing about the possibility that his father murdered Avery Thorpe, Chuck is also troubled by the amount of headlines Blair and Louis have been making thanks to their fairytale romance. Nate, sick of having to deal with Chuck’s on-again off-again alcoholism/coke-addiction, as well as having to hide information from Raina, tells Chuck that Blair’s better off with Prince Louis. Feeling threatened (especially once he hears that Louis is preparing to pick a fiancee), Chuck decides to finally fight for the love of his life … except, he shows up at Louis’ soiree as intoxicated as ever.

Candy Land Wedding

As Chuck prepares to intercept Louis’ proposal with one of his own, Serena also does her part in breaking up Blair and Louis, first by alerting Louis’ mother, and second by actually sending her scans from the Gossip Girl website, showcasing Blair’s lengthy list of scandals and misdeeds. (Serena’s plots do always work best when she’s playing tattle-tale with a parent – in fact, that’s the only time her plots work.) Once she sees how truly happy Blair and Louis are, however, Serena decides to support them… only to have Blair admit that she knows Serena was behind the entire thing. Looks like these frienemies won’t be working things out any time soon.

Do Blair and Louis really belong together? Who should she really be with?

Don’t Hesitate to Hate

Meanwhile, as most of the characters decide to play caricatures of themselves, the new girl Charlie finally chooses to let a bit of her psycho side shine through. Despite the fact that Vanessa vows to help Charlie win Dan’s heart (instead of that snobby Blair or pesky Serena), Charlie makes Vanessa look like the villain just so that Dan can come to Charlie’s rescue and loathe Vanessa all the more. Oh, the things New Yorkers will do to score a date with … Dan Humphrey. Of all the unbelievable things that happened this week, the fact that so many girls are still paying so much attention to Dan is what’s most baffling to me.

When Dreams Become Nightmares

After making a fool of himself, Blair and basically all of New York, Chuck drunkenly stumbles out of the party, leaving an opening for Louis to slip his (much bigger) ring on Blair’s finger. Then, for whatever reason, Blair decides to go tell Chuck in person that she and Louis are engaged. Chuck retaliates by smashing some glass, cutting Blair up a bit — you know, the usual process when you’re trying to win back an old lover. He then wallows in more alcohol and self-pity while Nate finally tells Raina that her mother is dead, and also that he’d rather keep sleeping with her than remain friends with Chuck. Raina calls the ever-reliable Jack Bass in an attempt to get revenge on Chuck (which isn’t really necessary, seeing as Raina’s mother obviously committed suicide and was, in fact, not murdered)…

With all this melodrama, who do you think will have the last laugh by season’s end? Will Blair really go through with her proposal to Louis? Will she patch things up with Serena? Will Chuck decide to stop acting like scum? Sound off in the comments below!

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