Hey, Bones fans. Even though many of us stand divided on last week’s episode, “Finder,” I think we can all agree that it was definitely nice to have our normal Bones back this week.

In last night’s episode, “The Pinocchio in the Planter,” a body is found in a flowerbed at a newly constructed community playground, and Booth and Brennan’s search to find the killer leads them into a very intriguing encounter with the concept of radical honesty.

Although there was no twists or shocking revelations in this episode, there were some very sweet and tender moments, so I definitely encourage you to view them for yourself, if you haven’t already, before you continue reading.

For everyone else, though, let’s get recapping!

No Such Thing as an Honest Lawyer

The victim that Booth and Brennan come upon in the flowerbed is Ross Dixon, the owner of an advertising agency who recently separated from his wife. What’s really interesting about him though? He’s had his face broken four different times.

“But what could warrant this?” you might ask. Well, as it turns out, Dixon was a member of a radical honesty group called the Honesty Policy, and given that he told the truth about anything and everything, he obviously made some enemies.

Yet, for one who so brazenly told the truth, Dixon also had a secret. Specifically, he was having an affair with a woman named Dorothy Emeridge, with whom he had gotten in a car accident a month before.

Although Booth and Brennan believe Dorothy to be the killer, her lawyer, Burt Iverson, another member of the Honesty Policy, claims that she couldn’t have struck and killed him due to an injury she sustained in the car accident.

However, upon looking at Dorothy’s X-rays for verification, Brennan realizes that they do not belong to her, and it is then that she and Booth catch on to Iverson’s scam.

You see, Burt was actually not as honest as he claimed to be in that he promised to get Dorothy a big settlement by taking her case to court, and he said that all she had to do was play along in regards to the X-rays that didn’t belong to her.

However, Ross eventually found out from Dorothy what Burt was planning to do, and he threatened to expose him. So, seemingly faced with no other choice, Burt killed Ross with a steel, titanium paint-covered monkey bar. Totally crazy, right?

Let’s Talk It Out

At the beginning of the episode, we see Angela talking to Sweets about how Hodgins has been overcompensating recently doing things like tying her shoes and even trying to carry her purse, and given that Angela rejects his call, we know this is something that’s bothering her.

But, more appropriately, we also know that this is not the only thing that’s bothering her, and since Sweets picks up on this too, he encourages Hodgins to confront and talk to Angela directly to find out what’s wrong.

And so, upon doing this, Angela ultimately confesses that she’s bothered by how cheerful Hodgins has been recently and how he just smiles and acts like nothing is wrong when the reality is that their baby could be born blind and that is something that scares her to death.

She knows Hodgins is just trying to help, but at the same time, she wants him to confess that he too is scared and to acknowledge the precariousness of their situation.

And because he is Hodgins and will do anything for Angela, he does just this, admitting that sometimes he cannot breathe because he gets so worried. Yet, no matter what happens, they both have each other, and given their newfound level of trust and communication, I suspect they’ll be able to weather whatever.

Also, I have no doubt that they’re going to be pretty amazing parents. Now, let’s just hope and pray for the health of Baby Hodgela!

I Need This

Returning to the Jeffersonian this week was Wendell Bray, who, according to my last poll, is apparently your favorite Squintern.

In addition to hilariously going back and forth with Hodgins, trying to outdo him and his claim as “King of the Lab” and making fun of his word choice, Wendell spent most of this episode trying to get more hours from Cam because, more than any of the other Squinterns, he really needs the money.

After a failed first attempt, what does he do? Why, he takes up the call for radical honesty of course! And sure enough, it works. Wendell secures the extra hours from Cam and even hugs her to show her his appreciation and gratitude.

Of course, the whole radical honesty thing wasn’t all smooth sailing for Wendell as he managed to insinuate to Cam that he does not like the smell of her lotion which, fed up with all the honesty, prompted her to set a new rule for the lab: Brennan is the only one allowed to be radically honest and that’s because she can’t keep her from being otherwise.

Oh, Cam, I am loving your sassiness lately. It’s nice to see you stepping up, taking charge and putting people in their places. Please, by all means, carry on!

Give Me an Example

Continuing with the issue of honesty that pervaded this entire episode, Brennan becomes perturbed with the fact that Booth has lied to her in the past.

She goes on to say that although he thinks he is protecting her by hiding the truth, he is inevitably only causing greater harm. Thus, she would like him to reveal an instance in which he has lied to her in the past.

However, when she continues to insist that Booth has done this to spare her feelings, he counters back that maybe he did it to spare his own feelings and only promises to give her an example after they finish the case.

So, once the case is closed, Brennan is prompted to once again broach the subject, and this time, Booth confesses to not ever telling her how much it meant to him that she was there for him after he broke up with Hannah. He says it meant the world to him.

Then, after calling Brennan an exceptional partner, the two toast to “things that we don’t say,” and I think we all know how especially fitting this was.

For years now, we’ve known that Booth and Brennan are meant to be together, and we’ve seen all the numerous looks and lingering gazes, but still, so many thoughts and feelings have gone unspoken between these two.

Yet, here, we have to consider Brennan and Booth’s familiarity with each other in regards to the fact that they know each other so well that they can understand, say and reciprocate so many of the same things in glances alone.

Still, we have been considerably lucky this season with episodes like “The Doctor in the Photo” and “The Blackout in the Blizzard” in which we finally got to hear some of these feelings voiced, and I believe we’ll get another one of these moments in the upcoming season finale.

Well, I certainly hope we do that is. It is certainly the opportune time, isn’t it? Come on, Hart Hanson. We’re counting on you!

Oh, and because I could not leave you without mentioning this, how great were the re-emergence of Booth’s clown phobia and his confession to the Honesty Policy about sometimes going commando? So hilarious!

Next Week’s Episode

The next episode of Bones, “The Signs in the Silence,” features Booth and Brennan finding a hearing-impaired 15 year-old covered in blood and clutching a knife out on the streets.

Believing her to have been involved in a recent murder, the Squints take her off the street and into the FBI to ask her some questions, but from the looks of it, getting information from her is going to be very difficult.

As always, check out the promo below and be sure to hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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