On tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, the team travels to Chicago to handle a case close to Morgan’s (Shemar Moore) heart.

A Face from the Past

Morgan’s sister Desi is driving one night when she sees someone she believes is her missing cousin, Cindi. Desi then gets into a car accident and Morgan goes home to visit his sister in the hospital. When Desi wakes up, she tells Morgan about seeing their cousin and she is convinced it was Cindi. Morgan calls Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and tells him that they might have a case. Morgan explains that he lied to his family and told them Cindi was dead in order to give them peace of mind. Hotch says the team will be there shortly and Morgan has to tell his family that he lied to them. They are not pleased.

The Company

Prior to her disappearance, Cindi was being stalked, but her stalker took his own life shortly after her disappearance so he was not behind Cindi’s kidnapping. Rossi (Joe Mantegna) figures out that the real UnSub set this other man up and Cindi’s stalker/kidnapper is still out there. Malcolm Ford, the UnSub, has been holding Cindi hostage for eight years and she is completely controlled by him. The UnSub controls her with threats of “The Company” — an S&M game where the submissive is treated as a slave and threatened with being “sold” should she/he not please their “master.” Malcolm-the-UnSub says “The Company” will kill her family members if Cindi does not do everything he says.

Secret Messages

Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) picks up a call that Cindi was caught trying to steal food from a grocery store and the team goes to the site. They catch Malcolm-the-UnSub, but Cindi is gone. Morgan realizes Cindi was trying to send him a message with the item of food she stole, but the UnSub does not seem fazed. Later on, Cindi shows up at the police station with a lawyer for Malcolm, claiming he is her husband and she loves him.

Happy endings

Morgan realizes that something else is going on and he figures out that Cindi and Malcolm had a child together and Cindi is playing along so she can protect her son. The lawyer who got Malcolm released is a “Company” man and he tells Morgan where “The Company” keeps the children. Morgan and the cops arrive at the cabin where the children are kept, just as Malcolm tries to escape with Cindi and their son. Malcolm and Morgan get into a fight, but Morgan gets the upper hand and Malcolm is arrested.

Morgan brings his cousin Cindi and her son back home to his family and it is a rare happy ending for all. Garcia then shows up to support Morgan and she tells him he did good. This is another great episode for Shemar Moore.

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