If there’s one thing we learned from the Glee panel at Comic-Con, it’s that Ryan Murphy, who wasn’t there, is a liar. Do you remember how he said specifically that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer would not return at all after graduating at the end of season 3? Well, fellow executive producer Brad Falchuk completely reversed that news a Comic-Con.

Yes, it seems Rachel, Finn and Kurt will still have a place on Glee after season 3, which frustrates me on a very deep level. There are three possibilities. Ryan Murphy was misquoted in The Hollywood Reporter (not very likely), Murphy was lying when he said they weren’t coming back or the decision was reversed after it was made. Regardless of what the truth is, it just validates my concerns that the Glee producers have no real idea what they’re doing and just make it all up as they go along.

The other big news is that, after all the drama about Chord Overstreet, it’s now official: He’s never coming back, not even for an episode. Falchuk said he declined to return as a recurring star to pursue other projects.

As for the budding Sam and Mercedes romance, apparently Mercedes met another boy over the summer, so she’ll still be in a relationship at the start of season 3, just not with Sam.

At the panel, we also learned that, among the other stars, Tina is a junior and that she and Mike Chang will continue to be the longest-lasting couple on the show.

The producers also admitted that when Brittany and Santana started their relationship, it was just intended to be a joke. They also admitted that Heather Morris was hired as a glorified extra and Naya Rivera was just a pretty face, but that changed when they realized Morris was hilarious and Rivera could really sing.

Finally, it seems Sue Sylvester’s warm and fuzzy side was short-lived, because in her campaign for Congress, she’s running to dismantle all arts education in public schools. So not only is she trying to get rid of New Directions once again, but she’s trying to destroy ALL glee clubs. I guess that means she’s over her sister’s death.

Of course, there’s no way to tell if anything they said at Comic-Con is actually true since I feel like Glee fans have been jerked around all summer with lies, rumors and exaggerations. All we know for sure is that Glee is coming back for its third season on Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on FOX.

Additional reporting by Rachel Cameron

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