Cast and crew of USA’s biggest hits, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Psych held a scoop-laden panel Thursday. We’ve got the highlights!

Burn Notice

Bruce Campbell Doesn’t Need to Do Research: Bruce Campbell of Burn Notice joked about the research he did in order to prepare for the role of a former Navy SEAL. “I did two things — jack and sh*t — to prepare for the role.” Turns out showrunner Matt Nix did all of the research for Bruce, who figured since he was playing a former Navy SEAL that he didn’t need to know how to act like a current Navy SEAL. Good ol’ Bruce.

Matt Nix Likes Spies as Characters: Matt Nix wanted to create a show about espionage that did not focus on the glamors of being an international spy, traveling around the world. Rather, he was interested in spies as people. “Who becomes a spy? Who is that person?”

Sam Axe Isn’t the Only Character With a Past: On whether or not he would consider delving into Fiona’s backstory like he did with Sam Axe, Matt Nix was vague, but hinted that a movie is possible (similar to The Fall of Sam Axe). Regardless, he will be exploring more backstories in the coming seasons.

Why Bruce Campbell? The casting of Bruce in the role of Sam Axe was a down-to-the-wire decision, Matt Nix said. At first, he was skeptical, thinking that Bruce wouldn’t take the role. Bruce accepted the role, and describes Burn Notice as “a breath of fresh air.”

Check out the interview with Bruce at Comic-Con below:


Vampires Suck the Life Out of Psych: Season 6 will feature vampires! How the supernatural bloodsuckers will fit into the story remains to be seen, but it should prove interesting nonetheless. We may also finally find out if Shawn is really psychic!

Psych: The Musical! Much like Buffy, Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy before them, the folks behind Psych are producing a musical episode. Though they’ve underestimated how long it might take … we won’t be seeing a Psych musical episode until season 7.

Guest Stars, Guest Stars and More Guest Stars: Psych season 6 will feature a pantheon of guest stars from all across show business, including William Shatner, Molly Ringwald, Jason Priestley, Danny Glover, Joey Macintyre, Corey Feldman, Tom Lenk, Bad Dourif, Michael Trucco, Anthony Anderson, Jennifer Finnigan, and Keenan Tompson!

See William Shatner’s hilarious reveal below:

Covert Affairs

Sendhil Ramamurthy Prefers Cover Affairs Fans: The former Heroes star said that Covert Affairs fans are better than Heroes fans, but that he was only able to pick because “Heroes is off the air.”

Cover Affairs Sees the World: As a show that does a lot of location shooting, Cover Affairs is pretty unique. stories themselves go around the world” and the networks allow us to go over the world. Doug Liman, producer, feels fortunate to have those opportunities. “The footage we’ve come back with is extraordinary,” he said. “Fan support has allowed us to [travel].”

Piper Isn’t Multilingual, But She Fakes it Pretty Well: Star Piper Perabo doesn’t actually speak any of the different languages her character spouts off in the show, but she picks up foreign-language dialogue quickly. Doug Liman said the writers will forget Piper doesn’t speak the languages, and they’ll hand her two pages of Russian to memorize — and then she’ll do it anyway. Piper said the hardest for her to work with is Chinese.

A Burn Notice Crossover? When asked if they wanted to see shows like White Collar and Burn Notice crossover with Cover Affairs, the audience cheered with glee. Whether or not something like that could ever happen remains to be seen…

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