Project Runway All-Stars kicks off January 5. Here, we refresh our memories about the designers who’ve set their sights on another shot at fashion glory.

Sometimes too much actually is too much. Jerell Scott entered the fashion industry working the runway as a model. He decided to switch things up and design what he could not afford for himself, and so an aesthetic of bling, bling and more bling was born!

Jerell’s flashy, eclectic style made for great television, but eventually led to his downfall on Project Runway season 5.

Basic Stats
Age: 31
Hometown: New York, NY
PR Season: Five (2008)
Placement: Fourth

Project Runway History
Heidi Klum may have cut the thread on Jerell Scott just short of the finals, leaving him in fourth place, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have his moment to shine. Make that three moments! Yes, while in the competition, Jerell won three challenges. Take a look-see at Jerell’s winning designs:

JS2.jpg“What’s Your Sign” Challenge Winner

JS3.jpg“Transformation” Challenge Winner

JS4.jpg“Nature Calls” Challenge Winner

Coming in at fourth place on Project Runway isn’t too shabby, and Jerell was still able to show a final collection at New York Fashion Week. Here are a few of the pieces:

JS5.jpgJerell Scott’s Final Collection at Bryant Park

Post-Project Runway
Since leaving the show, Jerell has taken a slightly different approach to fashion than his Project Runway peers. Alongside the Palmer twins, Heather and Heidi, Jerell has helped create a hair accessory line, True Birds. Add this to an impressive list of celebrities, such as Rihanna and Ke$ha, who have worn his clothing, and I’d say this designer may have a few tricks up his sleeve for the All-Star competition.

Jerell Scott may be one to look out for in the upcoming season of Project Runway: All-Stars. Tune in January 5th on Lifetime at 9/8c to see what happens.

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