Many believe that 2012 brings a fresh start or a clean slate, and Kim Kardashian is making the most of it. She’s had a rough year, and now she’s hoping for a better one. Aren’t we all?

She told People about her plans for this New Year, saying “I’m looking forward to moving forward, and never looking back.” Sounds like a good idea, knowing what she’ll see if she does look back.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star welcomed 2012 with her mother, Kris Jenner, at Tao Las Vegas. Another family tradition, since they did the same last year. Meanwhile, her sister Kourtney spent the night with Scott Disick at the Sugar Factory.

According to, the couple joined their fellow celebrities in tasting a variety of lavish desserts. The pregnant reality star says she’s watching her diet, but who could resist those milkshakes and sundaes?

The one Kardashian who had a pretty rough time this New Year was Khloe. There’s been a secret she’s been keeping from the family, but the cat somehow got out of the bag.

Perez Hilton reports that the Khloe and Lamar star got Punk’d! She was having dinner out with Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne when a man entered and – just watch the sneak peek from MTV below:

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Apparently, Khloe didn’t even tell her family about it. After finding out about the news, Kim tweeted, “I can’t believe @KhloeKardashian never told anyone in the fam she got Punk’d!!!! I can’t wait to see this episode!”

Kylie Jenner also heard and wrote, “WHAT? We are watching it together.” And yes, we’ll all be watching.

If that’s still not enough Kardashian news for you, why not check out what their nanny has to say? According to TMZ, a woman named Pam Behan is planning on writing a tell-all book about the reality TV family. She’s worked with Bruce and Kris Jenner in the past, as both a personal assistant and cook. But this was before the family got famous.

The Kardashian sisters claim they’re “very fond” of Pam, but maybe they’ll reconsider that once she reveals “intimate details” about their lives. As if we don’t know enough from rumors already. 

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