Project Runway All-Stars kicks off January 5. Here, we refresh our memories about the designers who’ve set their sights on another shot at fashion glory.

Native of the former Yugoslavia, Gordana Gehlhausen brought her worldly knowledge to season 6 of Project Runway. Her avant garde and chic looks were made to accentuate the best of women’s bodies. Always headstrong in her beliefs and designs, Gordana’s confidence saw her through to the final stages of the competition.

Basic Stats
Age: 45
Hometown: Charleston, SC
PR Season: Six (2009)
Placement: Fourth

Project Runway History
No drama surrounding this seasoned designer. Gordana obviously has more important things on her mind; it’s all about making it work, as a certain designer godfather would say. She may have only won one challenge while competing on Project Runway, but Gordana’s confidence and thought-provoking looks earned her a spot on the All-Star season. She was eliminated in the “Art of Fashion” episode, the week before the finale, when the designers were charged with creating pieces inspired by paintings.

Gordana gets emotional over design, Tim Gunn praises her work:

Post-Project Runway
Since her stint on the show, Gordana has shown collections at Portland, Charleston and L.A. Fashion Weeks, depicting her influences from across the globe. Each piece from her 2009 and 2010 GOGA collections is a romanticized, larger-than-life image or feeling taken from the designer’s travels or experiences. Not only does Gordana create womenswear; she creates art.

Piece from GOGA by Gordana, Fall Collection 2010

“My Fall 2010 line is a play on texture, color, and experimentation with tribal influences inspired by a recent trip to China.” – Gordana Gehlhausen, Charleston Fashion Week 2010

They say to always watch out for the quiet ones. Given her impressive means of staying focused and clear of distraction in the whirlwind known as reality television, Gordana Gehlhausen could very well become stiff competition for her fellow contestants. Tune in for the premiere of Project Runway: All-Stars January 5 at 9pm on Lifetime to find out.

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