Project Runway All-Stars kicks off January 5. Here, we refresh our memories about the designers who’ve set their sights on another shot at fashion glory.

Michael Costello worked week after week of Project Runway season 8 to show off elegant, classy trends that earned wins in as many challenges as season winner Gretchen Jones. His entertaining personality made Costello an easy fan favorite throughout the course of the season. And, probably most impressive of all, Michael Costello has never had any formal training.

Basic Stats
Age: 27
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
PR Season: Eight (2010)
Placement: Fourth Place

Project Runway History
The lack of training unfortunately planted a bull’s eye on Michael’s back for workroom bullying.

Team Luxe: Ivy Higa, Christopher Collins, Michael and Gretchen

Anyone remember last season’s group challenge? Bunched together with designers who included top bullies Gretchen and Ivy Higa, Team “Luxe” were asked to create menswear. Unfortunately, they lost to Team Military, and his team blamed their failures all on Michael. Yet the judges saw things differently.

Extended version of Team Luxe judging:
Take a look back at Michael’s best moments on Project Runway:

Post-Project Runway
Since showing his collection at Fashion Week as one of the final four (his runway show at Lincoln Center wasn’t televised), Michael has produced some impeccable collections. Who cares if this guy had formal training? His 2010/2011 Resort Collection offers “effortless chic” in beautiful lines, flowing fabrics and eye-catching colors and patterns.

Piece from Michael’s 2010/2011 Resort Collection shown at Portland Fashion Week

Michael Costello has been busy proving that one doesn’t need courses in Fashion 101 to see your creations walk down the runway. So we shouldn’t see any low blows from his fellow contestants this go-round, claiming Michael has no idea what he’s doing. The proof is in the pictures.

Make sure you tune in for the premiere of Project Runway: All-Stars January 5 at 9pm on Lifetime.
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