It’s official, the King of All Media is coming to NBC. On his radio show Thursday morning, Howard Stern announced that he will be replacing Piers Morgan as a judge on the upcoming season of NBC’s hit competition, America’s Got Talent.

The shock jock is sure to spice things up. When Piers Morgan first announced he was leaving and rumors of Stern taking over began, some critics were already outraged that he would be coming to primetime. While the show already does extremely well in the ratings during the summer, the added attention Stern will bring can only be good.

Also good is the fact that Stern will most likely be supportive of alternative kinds of talent, which means the finale might feature more than just a bunch of singers. One of my biggest problems with the show is that it quickly turns into another version of American Idol or The Voice as singers always stick around while the more unique talents that don’t have a place on other TV shows get ignored. Hopefully Howard Stern will bring his offbeat persona to the America’s Got Talent and embrace the wackier acts.

Between Stern and Donald Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice, it seems that NBC is in love with controversial public figures taking over its reality shows.

Howard Stern will join fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel with host Nick Cannon when America’s Got Talent begins its talent search for season 7 in February, with the season to begin in the summer.

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