Project Runway All-Stars kicks off January 5. Here, we refresh our memories about the designers who’ve set their sights on another shot at fashion glory.

Mondo Guerra comes from a season of drama, drama and … oh yeah, memorable designs. Between the designers, the judges and the viewers, season 8 of Project Runway might just stand out as the most contentious season ever. Yet, amidst all that craziness, stands Mondo with his array of fun, fresh, trendy designs.

Basic Stats
Age: 33
Hometown: Denver, CO
PR Season: Eight (2010)
Placement: Runner-Up

Project Runway History

The winner of three consecutive challenges, Mondo was a fan favorite early on and designed his way into the final runway at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Five looks from Mondo’s final collection at Fashion Week

Then, in probably the biggest upset in Project Runway history, Gretchen Jones took the top spot, winning Season 8. And the world screamed, “Nooooooooo!”

Mondo’s thoughts on the final runway with season winner Gretchen:

Apparently the fans weren’t the only ones rooting for Mondo. Miss “one day you’re in, the next you’re out” Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn were both on Team Mondo. But wait, Tim isn’t a judge. Yet Heidi had a plan to use him as a mole. Scandalous, right? Here’s Tim’s explanation on how everything went down with those “crack-smokers” (Michael Kors and Nina Garcia) who picked, ugh, Gretchen:

Tim Gunn at 2010 Kate Spade event (Does anyone else get the idea that Tim loves drama?)

Post-Project Runway

With all the drama far behind him now, Mondo Guerra has moved on to bigger and better names. He has worked with celebrities such as Liza Minelli, Kenneth Cole and Cheyenne Jackson as an activist against AIDS/HIV.

His 2011 Fall Collection fused pops of fun colors with retro references. Have a look-see at the 2011 Fashion Week El Paseo runway:

The competition is sure to be interesting with this guy around. Mondo Guerra gets another shot at his robbed Project Runway victory when the All-Star season hits Lifetime on January 5.

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