What cold, dystopian universe will Fringe show us next? Two videos for this week’s Fringe episode, “Letters of Transit,” give us some clue.

Over the past week, the devious marketing geniuses at Fringe have been putting out a series of four videos promoting this week’s trippy and bizarre episode, “Letters of Transit.” For those fans who are very obsessed and/or have a lot of time on their hands, the videos contained embedded clues that eventually spelled out the URL for a fifth video.

Click here to watch the Fringe teaser videos.

So what’s in this mysterious video? As it turns out, Fringe has given us another special title sequence for “Letters of Transit.” And it is very interesting. Check it out below:

Instead of Fringe‘s normal, odd, pseudoscientific concepts, the words running past in this title sequence are far more societal. They are:

  • Community
  • Joy
  • Individuality
  • Education
  • Imagination
  • Private Thought
  • Due Process
  • Ownership
  • Free Will
  • Freedom

Are these ideals taken away from humanity by the Observers (or whatever)? Are they things to be promoted in this new universe? And what’s with the brain-synapse, work-camp, 1984 imagery?

What does this all mean about the Observers’ apparent reign of terror (or whatever) in 2036? No clue. But it’s probably not good.

Want to know more about the episode? We don’t have a lot to give you, but there is the promo video for Fringe episode 4.19, “Letters of Transit.” That at least gives you a little bit of information.

  • You’ve got to love the extreme Orwellian nature of the Observers’ Times Square advertising.
  • Is there any aging of our main characters? Walter looks a little more bent than usual, but it’s hard to tell if he’s actually older or just more downtrodden. Peter, on the other hand, looks exactly like the Peter we see in the present day. 
  • Observer-guarding storm-trooper types? Awesome.
  • Not that we learn much about them, but it’s nice to get a glimpse of Fringe‘s two main guest stars for the episode — Henry Ian Cusick (Lost, Scandal) and Georgina Haig.
  • Was that Walter stuck in amber at the end? Uh-oh…

“Letters of Transit” will blow our minds on Friday, April 20 at 9pm on FOX.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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