Well, we made it. The inaugural season of Ringer was full of lies, schemes and deceptions. This brought a wide wake of terror with it, so you would think that a little honesty would go a long way in fixing the situation. Well, if there is one lesson that we have learned, it is that Bridget and Siobhan are not very good at making a situation go the way it was planned.

Wedding Rehearsal

The episode starts with Bridget’s dream wedding finally at hand. This marks the third wedding for Andrew who is trying to become the male equivalent of Elizabeth Taylor. After the shortest ceremony in the history of weddings, Bridget sees a brooding Bodaway Macawi looking at her. Eeks! Nothing to worry about though, it was all just a dream. After waking up, Bridget goes to her NA meeting to celebrate her one year anniversary of sobriety and talks about telling the truth. She leaves with Solomon and tells him that she is going to come clean to Andrew, and he strongly recommends against it. Not one to take good advice, Bridget says that she has to be honest.

Henry and Siobhan are at the hospital admiring the twins when Henry tells Siobhan that he wants to get out of New York. His plans are to move his new family to Chicago to get out of the muck that has been created in New York. He warns Siobhan that he will go without her if she doesn’t stop being a conniving schemer who is only bent on revenge. Yeah, I’m sure she can turn that switch to off, Henry.

Unwelcome Guest

Bridget comes home from her meeting, only to find a brooding Jimmy waiting for her. He thinks that she is Siobhan and says that he is not there to hurt her. He demands that she pay him fifty thousand dollars, or he’ll tell Macawi that she is Bridget. Oh Jimmy, if you only knew. It turns out that Siobhan and Charlie had originally paid Jimmy to let Bridget go and send her to New York. After everything that Bridget has learned about her sister, she is still surprised that she could do something so evil. Have you not been paying attention this whole season?

While all the action is still happening in New York, Victor has been reassigned in Colorado and told that he will no longer work on the Macawi case. Of course, Victor fights against this, but eventually relents. He is then told about Jimmy breaking out of jail, as well as a throw away nugget that a body has been found matching Malcolm in New Jersey. Let’s hope that this isn’t true, because I think Malcolm’s death should make more of an impact than a small line of dialogue. Back in New York, Siobhan and Henry finalize plans to go to Chicago when Siobhan offers to pay for the down payment of a house. It looks like they will go on to live life as a happy family.

Can’t Come Clean

At dinner, Bridget is planning on telling Juliet and Andrew the truth about who she really is. Before she can, Juliet gets pulled into regular high school drama (as opposed to her previous Ringer style high school drama) and leaves the table. Andrew then reads Bridget the vows he wrote for the wedding, and Bridget can’t break his romantic heart right after that. The next day, she meets with Solomon who tells her that he did some digging and found out that Siobhan was meeting with Charlie in the Hamptons in the past.

Speaking of not being able to tell the truth, Siobhan finds the results of the paternity test Henry ordered. She asks him why he ordered it and he says that he wanted to be sure the twins were his. She tells him that the results prove he is the father, and Henry is stupid enough to believe her without checking himself. Meanwhile, Macawi finds Jimmy in a hotel room and kills him, but not before revealing that he knows that Bridget is in New York acting as Siobhan. What a sly fox.

A Ruined Evening

Andrew is finishing up business with Tim, his new boss, and about to leave for their going away party when Tim tells him about Siobhan and Henry’s affair. When Andrew shows up at the party, he is less than pleased and yells at Bridget that the wedding, and the marriage, is off. The guests leave, and Bridget finally comes forward to Andrew about who she really is. Andrew, already in a sour mood, does not take the news well. While Bridget tells him that she really does love him and Juliet, he tells her that she needs to leave, but not before calling her a drug addicted prostitute. Ouch. Before talking to Juliet, Bridget calls Victor and tells him that Macawi is in New york after finding out that Jimmy was murdered.

Siobhan’s night isn’t going any better, because it appears that her bank account is empty, leaving her penniless. Henry tells her that he stole her money, and that he called the hospital before the results were mailed to him and that he is not the father. It looks like Henry isn’t as stupid as we all thought. He tells her that he could have handled her telling him he wasn’t the father, but the fact that she lied to him AGAIN was enough for him to punish her. He kicks her out of the house and says he is finished with her.

Eyes Wide Open

Andrew and Juliet leave for the islands where the wedding was supposed to leave, because you can’t get those deposits back, especially on such short notice. After they leave, Siobhan sneaks into the apartment to take all her jewels to try to start her life over. Before she can leave, Macawi appears and, thinking she’s Bridget, tries to kill her. Siobhan escapes him and hides in the apartment. Bridget comes back to the building, and finds the security guard dead. She goes into her apartment and pulls a gun that Solomon gave her on a now confused Macawi. Siobhan escapes as he attacks her, but she gets the best of him by putting a cap through his dome just as Victor bursts into the room. Bridget thought that Macawi was attacking Juliet since she never saw Siobhan, but learns that they were already gone.

The next day, Solomon meets with Bridget and shows her security footage from the day Bridget thought Siobhan had drowned. It shows that Siobhan is still alive. Wha?! Bridget goes to Henry’s and learns that he kicked Siobhan out and that she has been in New york for some time. Bridget then discovers that she wasn’t the only one hiding in plain sight!

What a season! The show has come a long way from the terrible blue-screen boat ride from the premiere, and by the ending it looks like they are expecting a second season. I had wondered how the show would handle Bridget coming clean while still moving the story forward in new ways, and it looks like they found out a way to do just that. I want to thank all of you for reading these recaps, and I hope that you enjoyed them. Now, all that is left, is keeping our fingers crossed for another season.

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