The latest soundtrack release from Glee will be in stores and available to download on May 15. But today we’re getting our first look at which songs will be included on Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album, most of which are songs in upcoming episodes that we’ve haven’t yet heard.

According to a press release sent out by FOX, “Join McKinley High’s class of 2012 in their countdown to graduation … The commemorative release captures the bitter sweetness of senior year … Glee fans will get a sneak peek of 8 new songs recorded for the season finale, including Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Glory Days,’ Beyonce’s ‘I Was Here,’ Madonna’s ‘I’ll Remember’ and Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).’ Also included in this collection is the Glee cast’s version of ‘We Are Young’ by fun., which sold over 137,000 tracks in its first week and debuted at the top of the digital charts.”

Here is the full cover art for the album:

Take a look at the full track listing for the album below:

1. “We Are Young” — fun.
2. “Edge of Glory” — Lady Gaga
3. “I Won’t Give Up” — Jason Mraz
4. “We Are the Champions” — Queen
5. “School’s Out” — Alice Cooper
6. “I Was Here” — Beyonce
7. “I’ll Remember” — Madonna
8. “You Get What You Give” — New Radicals
9. “Not the End” — The Bravery
10. “Roots Before Branches” — Room for Two
11. “Glory Days” — Bruce Springsteen
12. “Forever Young” — Bob Dylan
13. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” — Green Day

“We Are Young” is the only song included that we’ve already heard on Glee. The rest are from upcoming episodes. Based on the title, this album is focusing on graduation and everything surrounding the end of the school year. But I can’t help but notice that besides “We Are Young,” there are no songs from episodes that aired in January or February, or from the current batch that have already aired recently or will in the next couple weeks (such as Matt Bomer‘s episode, the Saturday Night Fever and Whitney Houston tributes, etc). That’s a whole lot of episodes missing here; you’d think they’d put out another album before this one.

And according to Amazon, a “Yearbook Edition” will also be released the same day. This will most likely be a deluxe version with additional songs.

Some are questioning why Brittany is not included on the album cover. (As you can see in the above image, Finn, Mercedes, Santana, Rachel, Puck, Quinn, Mike and Kurt are featured.) Brittany is a senior, so should she be there? We actually already know the answer to that. It was mentioned months ago (probably at the start of season 3) by someone associated with Glee that Brittany would most likely flunk and have to repeat a year. I guess we now have a definitive answer on that.

Which of the above songs are you looking forward to listening to the most? And is it a given now that anything involving a graduation has to include “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”? Was it played at your graduation (it was at mine)?

Glee airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on FOX.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

(Image courtesy of FOX)

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