This is why we have Twitter.

Thanks to that lovely social media site, Fringe fans got to see three new Fringe season 5 photos, posted by the show’s executive producer, J.H. Wyman. But not everyone is on Twitter. There are even many people on Twitter who don’t have the sense to follow J.H. Wyman.** That’s why we have the Fringe photos here too.

All three photos seem to come from the 2036 setting we are likely to see throughout Fringe season 5. That may not be entirely obvious from the first of the photos, but the later ones do make it clear. What is in that first photo?

So we have Olivia and Walter together in 2036. Presumably, this is after Peter and the rest free her from amber. Why was Olivia separate from the others? Is that important or is it just a wrinkle in the team’s plans?

That is pretty much the big question for the beginning of season 5.

Because these photos are set in 2036, we of course need to get a glimpse of Etta Bishop. So here it is!

A question from this photo: What is it about the future that they would think bicycles make good wall decorations? Or are those functional bicycles stored on the wall for some reason? Yet another burning Fringe question…

The final photo shows what might be one of the pivotal events of Fringe season 5 — two people seem to be meeting, maybe for the first time in years.

Assuming that the blonde with her back to us is Etta, this could very well be the much-anticipated reunion between mother and daughter! Will it be happy? Sad? Are there further implications for all of this?

We will find out (hopefully) when the **Fringe season 5 premiere airs on Friday, September 28 at 9pm on FOX.

**Important and shameful note: Until these photos appeared, I actually did not follow J.H. Wyman on Twitter either. Sorry about that.

(Images courtesy of FOX and J.H.Wyman)

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