In tonight’s episode, with Annie (Piper Perabo) fighting for her life, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) tries to prove her innocence.

Lena the mastermind

The writers did an excellent job of laying in little bread crumbs throughout the season that are pointed out in this episode to show just how long Lena (Sarah Clarke) has been setting Annie up to take the fall. And while it appears that Lena covered all of her bases, it’s a bit strange that she would just assume her evidence would be enough to convince Annie’s friends that she betrayed them. (Of course, that could be due to Lena’s cynicism or her ego in believing she would get away with everything.) But as fans predicted, Auggie fights to clear Annie’s name and his enhanced sense of smell eventually leads him to discovering that Lena is the true traitor.

Yet for all the extremes Auggie goes to in order to prove Annie’s innocence, it strikes me as odd that he leaves Annie alone at the hospital with someone he thinks is dangerous. Surely he could have placed guards on Annie’s room, just as a precaution, while he went to Joan (Kari Matchett) with his suspicions. But Auggie’s mistake does leave room for Lena’s second attempt on Annie’s life, which is thankfully thwarted by Joan. And while Joan manages to save Annie, she is unable to catch Lena and everyone’s Most Wanted is now in the wind.

Auggie and Annie

One of the results of Annie’s shooting is Auggie’s realization of just how much he needs Annie. In a very powerful scene, Auggie tells an unconscious Annie that even though he claims to never need anyone, he needs her. He also apologizes for being so distant as of late and even though things between the two of them have been off for most of the season, it is clear that Auggie’s loyalty to Annie has never been stronger. While any potential Auggie/Annie romance will have a lot of audience support, right now I am just looking forward to seeing the two back on good terms and working together again.

Dream a Little Dream

While Annie is undergoing surgery, she has hallucinations that lead her to the truth about Lena’s betrayal. These hallucinations are a bit of a risk on the writers’ part, as they could potentially distract from the tension in the real-world storyline, but this seems to be the season for taking risks. And though the hallucinations are a bit off-putting at first, ultimately I think they work.

The hallucinations are mostly a way to drudge up Annie’s memories of the shooting and have her piece everything together, but that is not their only purpose. In her hallucinations, Annie gets a chance to say goodbye to Simon — who sadly did not survive the shooting — and finally resolve some of that UST she has with Auggie. And while their kiss only happens in Annie’s mind, the dialogue is all but a promise that the duo will be kissing again ‘when the time is right’. But first, Annie needs to track down Lena and make sure she is brought to justice, something that will presumably occur in next week’s mid-season finale.

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