The Pretty Little Liars webisode series Pretty Dirty Secrets continues this week, allowing us to get in our weekly dose of weird Rosewood residents. Waiting until the Halloween special is just not fair, especially not after that shocking mid-season finale.

This week the webisode is more mystery than substance and only prominently stars an answering machine. Still, if you’re looking for spooky chills and/or information about a minor character’s dry cleaning this is really the webisode for you.

Last week we spent time with Jason and CeCe, while they blamed each other for Ali’s death and their nasty breakup. This week is devoid of any cast members, save for a hand, some home knick-knacks, and one creepy answering machine.

We pan slowly over to the answering machine as a woman listens to the messages. At first we don’t know whose messages we are even listening to. Soon, however, a dry cleaner who desperately wants some clothes picked up lets us know it’s Garrett’s mom, Mrs. Reynolds. Earlier we heard Garrett tell his mother he booked a flight for the first and to start packing. Is Garrett fleeing Rosewood now that he’s a free man?

The last message is certainly the creepiest though. It’s just a voice, breathing heavily. Poor Mrs. Reynolds. People are always leaving secret spy messages in her hospital bracelets, rifling through her flowers, breathing like late night infomercial perverts on her answering machine. If I was Mrs. Reynolds, I’d be looking to high-tail it out of Rosewood too.

Creepiest person: That would definitely be whoever called up just to leave some breathing on the Reynolds answering machine. Apparently A really needs to stop jogging before making prank phone calls. But who was it? Toby?

A Team Member? Just because Garrett has been cleared of Maya’s murder doesn’t mean he’s not one shady dude. Still if his mom is getting strange phone calls, maybe he really isn’t on the ‘A’ Team. Or, worse for him, maybe he’s on the outs with the other members?

ImportAnt Information: We now know that Garrett and his mother are planning on skipping town. For how long? And does that mean Garrett isn’t involved with the A team? Also we know that Mrs. Reynolds really needs to go and pick up her dry cleaning. They’re not going to keep it forever lady! Even if they kept Alison’s Vivian Darkbloom coat for years.

What do you think? Watch the video and share your theories in the comments!

Still excited for all the thrills and chills of the Halloween special? Here’s a teaser image for the Halloween Spook-tacular:

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