On this episode of Frequency, “Bleed Over,” Raimy and Frank both question the daughter of a missing woman believed to be one of the Nightingale’s victims, Raimy’s investigation of a missing person leads her to a detective with whom she has a personal connection and Julie continues to dismiss Frank’s warnings.

Frank catches another possible break in the Nightingale case. A missing woman, Carmen Salinas, went missing in July of 1996. Her daughter Eva, witnessed the abduction. Police questioned the young girl, but all she said was that a man took her mommy. The cops investigated the husband, but he came up clean. Frank thinks it may be worth a shot talking to Eva again. Satch doesn’t hold out hope that Frank will uncover anything new but gives him the “okay” to try.

Frank Finds a Witness

In order to get to Eva, Frank has to go through her dad, Marco. Frank explains that after four months, Eva may have remembered something new, but Marco is very protective of his daughter. They’ve had a rough time since Carmen’s disappearance and, finally, Eva seems to be coming to terms with her mother being gone. Marco doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what little progress she’s made by dragging her through it all again so soon. Being a dad to a young girl himself, Frank is sympathetic and gives Marco his card just in case Eva says anything.

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Raimy looks up Eva in 2016 and learns that she wrote a book about the Nightingale killings that came out four months ago. Someone on the task force read it, but the book didn’t offer much in the way of insight. Eva focused on the victims’ stories and different theories. Frank encourages Raimy to speak to Eva, but because the Nightingale’s next victim disappears in nine days in 1996, that’s where she thinks they should focus their attention. Frank knows it’s a longshot, but maybe it stops them before the killer gets his next victim.

Raimy heads to Brooklyn and learns from Eva’s landlord that the young woman has been missing for three days. Raimy tracks down the officer handling the case and introduces herself much to his bemusement. Raimy has a flashback and realizes that she hooked up with the detective, Kyle, some time ago. Raimy pushes past any discussions about their encounter and questions why Kyle wouldn’t notify the Nightingale task force about Eva’s disappearance. Kyle didn’t believe it to be pertinent information since Carmen’s body was never found, and she was never confirmed as one of the Nightingale’s victims. Also, Eva isn’t a nurse. But Kyle says that if Raimy wants the case, she can have it.

Raimy wants to question Marcos and thinks it would be a good idea if Kyle came along as long as they can put their past dalliance on the back burner.

Frank Uses Raimy

Frank isn’t quite done with Marco himself. He feels for the guy and stops by to invite Eva and Marcos do go to the park with him. Frank introduces Marcos to Julie, and after a few awkward moments, Julie leaves for work. Marco asks how long Frank and Julie have been separated, and Frank tells him it’s still new.

It turns out Frank and Marco have a lot in common. In addition to both of the men being born and raised in Queens, Marco and Carmen were having marital problems before her disappearance.

Frank is curious what Raimy and Eva talked about at the park. He senses his daughter is holding back, and she admits Eva confided in her, and she promised not to tell. Frank presses, and Raimy reveals that Eva saw the face of the man who took her mom.

Frank goes to see Marco, telling him what Eva said to Raimy. Eva denies everything. Marco thinks Frank is a good guy, and he wants to believe that Frank didn’t set up the playdate to further his investigation, but we all know he did, and so does Marco.

History Repeating

In the present, Raimy is trying to retrace Eva’s last steps. Marco tells her the last time they spoke, his daughter was going for a run, and they were supposed to have dinner after. Eva never showed. Marco and his wife went to Eva’s apartment where they found her purse, phone and keys. That’s when they called the police.

Eva has disappeared before. Five years ago, Eva took a surprise trip to Thailand, following her father’s remarriage. Two years ago, she turned off her phone and holed up in a hotel room. Last year, when Eva was writing the book, there was a suicide attempt. After her mother’s disappearance, Eva never really got her life together. Marco says that it’s always been hard for Eva to trust people.

Raimy questions if Eva trusts Marco. Daughters don’t always tell their dads everything. Maybe there was somebody in Eva’s life Marco didn’t know about. Marco swears to Raimy that his daughter has no secrets from him. He asks Kyle what Raimy is even doing there since he already spoke to the police. When Kyle reveals Raimy is part of the Nightingale task force, Marco wants to know if Raimy thinks this is a Nightingale case. She responds they have no reason to believe it is at this point, but given what happened to Carmen, they can’t rule it out. Marco breaks down at the thought of having to go through the Nightingale nightmare all over again.

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But just like 20 years ago, Eva turns up having escaped from the Nightingale. Kyle and Raimy question Eva who says the Nightingale snatched her while she was running near her apartment. She passed out, and when she came to, she was in a room with her arms and legs bound with duct tape and a cloth in her mouth. Eva used a rusted nail to free herself from her constraints, pulled some boards off one of the windows and ran as fast as she could.

Eva believes she was held in some kind of old factory. She remembers a sign for a street called Barnell. Eva didn’t see her abductor’s face because he was wearing a mask. Raimy questions how Eva knew the man was the Nightingale, and Eva claims he told her that he took her mother.

Raimy and Kyle head to the area of town that matches the description Eva gave them. They find a room in an old warehouse with evidence to corroborate Eva’s story.

The case is officially now in the hands of the Nightingale task force which means Kyle is out. He’s still feeling a bit confused and hurt as to why Raimy cut him loose, and she assures Kyle he didn’t do anything wrong. After telling Kyle she’s just got a lot on her plate right now, the two shake hands and part ways, for now.

A Hoax Leads to a Revelation

Raimy gives Eva the news that they found where she was held. Raimy also has a vague recollection of them playing together as kids. She brings up the fact that Eva admitted to having seen the Nightingale’s face, but Eva doesn’t remember — so much of that time was a blur. But she does recall that he had a scar on his left hand between his thumb and forefinger. Eva promises to contact Raimy if she thinks of anything else.

Eva is curious if the press are outside. Raimy warns Eva that it’s important for Eva to keep any details quiet, preventing the Nightingale from gaining an advantage. But later that night, Raimy spots Eva spilling every detail on the evening news.

Raimy and Satch bring Eva back in for questioning, and the forensic evidence doesn’t match up with her story. Eva made the whole thing up. She apologizes for the elaborate hoax, and when Marco questions why she would do such a thing, all Eva can say is “I don’t know.”

Raimy fills Frank in on their latest setback. She’s pissed she fell for Eva’s story. Frank still believes Eva knows something, but now Raimy is convinced everything that comes out of Eva’s mouth is a lie.

Franks asks Raimy to read him a transcribed description of the Nightingale taken from a witness in 2009. He gets a police sketch artist to draw a pic and hides it for Raimy to find. It’s almost identical to the one adorning the task force headquarters.

Frank manages to sneak a moment alone with Eva without Marco around. He shows Eva the sketch, and she confirms it’s the same man. Eva reveals that the man doesn’t always wear the hood, and she’s seen him around before. Marco catches Frank questioning Eva before he can learn anymore and drags his daughter away.

The cops haven’t told the press that Eva’s story is BS, yet. Raimy offers Eva a way out. If Eva cooperates, Raimy will strike a deal with the district attorney, spin it with the press and make the whole thing go away. Raimy remains sympathetic towards Eva who is a reminder of how Raimy’s life could have turned out. And all of Eva’s feelings about whatever hell Carmen must have endured have been the same ones driving Raimy.

Raimy demands to know why Eva didn’t give the police a description of the man who took her mother back in 1996, and Eva replies that she was too scared at first. After a while, the less she said, the more people talked about her. She was on the news; she was getting attention and she liked it. The night the Nightingale took Carmen, he wore a hood, but Eva had seen him other times without it. Eva couldn’t tell the police because then the cops and her dad would know that Carmen was having an affair.

Carmen wasn’t sleeping with the Nightingale. Her affair was with an accountant, but Carmen would take Eva with her as cover and leave her at the playground across the street from the man’s house. It was standing there that Eva spotted the Nightingale. He would drive by the house in a blue truck with a white camper shell on the back. The killer had short brown hair and always wore sunglasses.

Raimy reports back to Frank that Eva saw the Nightingale at least seven times. This means the Nightingale is stalking his victims beforehand over the course of months. Frank remembers watching Julie leaving the park when he came with Marco and spotting a vehicle matching Raimy’s description driving past.

Frank Confronts a Killer

Frank goes to the park the following day to keep an eye on Julie and Raimy. As he sits in his car, he spots the truck parked down the street. He approaches the vehicle, shows his badge and instructs the driver to step out of the truck. The driver takes off, and Franks tries to chase him down but doesn’t get far on foot. (Perhaps a stealthier approach would have been the way to go)

Julie witnessed the whole thing and has a lot to say to Frank. Marco called to cancel a playdate between Raimy and Eva, telling Julie that Frank was hounding his daughter for information about the Nightingale killer. Frank swears he didn’t introduce Raimy and Eva for any reason other than he feels bad for Marco, but Julie doesn’t believe him.

Julie also wants to know who was in the truck, and Frank tells her about the truck Eva saw prior to her mom’s disappearance. This isn’t enough evidence for Julie who is convinced Frank has gone off the rails and is harassing everyone in a blue truck. She assumes the guy sped off because Frank was shouting and waiving his gun.

Julie does ask Frank if she’s really in danger. I guess the multiple times he’s warned her of that very fact just didn’t register. Once again, Frank makes it clear that Julie has every reason in the world to be afraid.

Julie tries to calm Frank’s fears. She carpools to work, she never goes out alone, and from now on, she’ll even keep an eye out for the blue truck. But Julie doesn’t want Raimy to know anything about what’s going on. Frank tries to give her a gun, but Julie refuses to take it.

No Guarantees

Marco brings a young Eva in to give a description, but Raimy and Frank aren’t that much closer to finding the killer. Frank tells his daughter that she shouldn’t put her life on hold. They’re doing their best, but there are no guarantees. There’s always a chance they could mess things up and things don’t go back the way they were. That’s the reality that Raimy has to start dealing with. Raimy isn’t willing to accept the possibility, not yet, but Frank says she has no choice but to prepare for it. This advice motivates Raimy to go ask Kyle out for a drink.

Frank is also doing what he can to help young Raimy by giving her a knife his father gave him. It’s just their little secret.

Aside from an utterly generic sketch, the only thing Frank and Raimy had going for them was the blue truck. Thanks to Frank’s confrontation with the Nightingale, the killer destroys the vehicle.

Did you think Eva wasn’t who she seemed? Is Frank’s attitude about Julie insensitive or realistic? Are father and daughter destined to fail in their mission to save Julie?

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