If the Winchesters of Supernatural have one defining quality, it’s that they’re basically unkillable. No matter how many times Sam or Dean die, they usually find some manner to make it back to life. For 12 seasons that near immortality was saddled to just the brothers. In the season 12 premiere, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” the first Winchester to ever die on the series (and the first death, period) came back to life. 

Mary Winchester is alive, well and aged about 10 years despite being dead. Though actress Samantha Smith has not been announced as a series regular and the premiere already set up a way for Mary to re-retire from the hunting lifestyle, Mary should stay on the team for a long, long time. Here are five reasons Mary needs to be a permanent member of Sam, Dean and Castiel’s not-so-merry band of hunters. 

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She’s NOT an Emotionally Abusive Parent

There are really two versions of John Winchester — the clueless and kind ex-Marine played by Matt Cohen and the terrifying, grizzled, overbearing hunter played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It’s the later and much more unlikable version of John that has made a bigger impression on Supernatural fans and the brothers. Mary is pretty much the complete opposite of the man that her husband grew to become after her death. Sam and Dean might be pushing 40 but they still deserve to have a parent who will not terrify them into compliance fighting by their side. 

She’s a Total Bad-Ass

While Mary is a lot more kind than her late husband, she’s no pushover either. Ms. Watt managed to beat the living daylights out an experienced hunter like Dean and an angel like Castiel. Yet Mary stabbed Watt in the back, killing her, with ease. It’s true that Mary had the stealth advantage of being knocked unconsciousness seconds before but still credit must be given where it is due. 

Her Relationship with Castiel 

When Mary showed up in season 11 finale, fans had to know that we were in for some good scenes between Dean and his late mother. Dean has always been the brother more connected to Mary, mainly because he is the only one who remembers her. The slightly unexpected surprise of “Keep Calm and Carry On” is how well Mary got along with Cas. Sure, there was that bit of misunderstanding where Mary almost shot him when they first met but that’s par for the course with a Winchester. They’ve pointed a gun at all of their allies at least once. 

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There were way more scenes in “Keep Calm and Carry On” of Mary and Castiel bonding. We need to see more of that and them together. Whether they are commiserating over their mistrust of tiny computers or finding common ground by being in a world they do not understand, Mary and Cas are comedy gold. 

Sam and Dean Need Her Motherly Intuition 

As previously mentioned, Sam and Dean are both well into adulthood but they still make terribly bone-headed mistakes. Since Bobby died there is no one on Supernatural to tell the brothers when they are being “idjits.” Jody Mills does her best to guide them but she only shows up every once in a while. Mary should be around to give her sons motherly advice and guidance. We already know she has great instincts because she knew that the veterinarian was holding back information about Toni in “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It might sound terrifying to imply that Mary is wise because she knows when to torture someone but that’s a very helpful skill on Supernatural

Mary Needs to Meet Sam

The biggest reason Mary needs to stick around is because she has to meet the son for whom she sacrificed her life. At the end of “Keep Calm and Carry On” Sam is still in Toni’s torture basement and Dean is really not that much closer to finding him. Mary might want to quit hunting again but she needs to stick around to rescue her youngest son. We really have to see what Sam’s relationship would be with his mother when she’s a) not a ghost, b) the mother of all monsters posing as his mother and c) a young woman who just barely resembles Samantha Smith. It’s time that Supernatural finally answers that question. 

But what do you think? Do you want Mary to stick around on Supernatural? Do you think she will stick around? Should she retire from the hunting lifestyle once again? Are you looking forward to her reunion with Sam?

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