On this episode of Frequency, “The Near Far Problem,” the pressure is on Frank now that Raimy has no idea what happened to Thomas Goff. Frank tries to balance his parental responsibilities with work but falls short. Raimy refuses to mourn Julie.

Thanks to Frank and Satch’s visit to the Goff home, Thomas is nowhere to be found in the present. Raimy insists that he search the outbuilding, convinced that’s where Thomas kept his victims, particularly Maya Gowan.

A House is Not a Home

Gordo’s the kind of pal who doesn’t hold a grudge when his bestie bites his head off, so he’s back the next morning. Raimy apologizes, but Gordo is at a loss of how to proceed. Julie’s family, unable to reach Raimy, have been contacting him non-stop. Raimy isn’t ready to deal with them right now which is a problem since they want to plan a memorial service for her mother. Raimy doesn’t want that either, especially since she’s hoping to change history once again.

Raimy discovers that Maya was never found. Flashback to Goff’s prisoner fleeing through the woods on foot. You would think she was in Jurassic Park as opposed to suburban New Jersey.

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After being thrown out of the house by Julie, Frank is staying in Satch’s guest house/garage. He is eager to return to the Goff house, telling his partner he’s convinced they missed something. Frank does bring up Maya Gowan and the fact that not only does she and Thomas go to the same school but they also live just a few miles from each other. Satch questions why Frank didn’t bring up the missing girl earlier, and Frank says he came across it late the previous night.

Frank and Satch reach the Goff home and are immediately intercepted by Mrs. Goff. She accuses them of harassment, but Frank ignores her and heads for the shed. Frank ignores all protocol, busts into the shed and finds the cellar. The place smells of bleach, and Frank has no doubt Maya was there.

The Fugitive

Outside, Frank spots a footprint, and that’s enough to get the cops and some dogs out to search the surrounding property. As he searches, Raimy continues to monitor Maya’s file in the present, waiting for a change. Frank finds Maya, and she’s unconscious but alive. Raimy sees that Maya’s been rescued and does a search for Thomas Goff who became a fugitive in 1996.

Raimy and Frank compare notes. Maya is still unconscious, and there’s no idea what she’ll remember when she wakes up. Frank questioned Goff’s mother for hours, and she gave them nothing. Raimy is convinced that both Goff’s mom is covering for her son, and that Thomas is the Nightingale. Frank isn’t as sure. Maya doesn’t fit the profile since she wasn’t a nurse. Raimy argues that in ’96 the Nightingale was still figuring out his MO. Maya was close and he knew her, making the opportunity too good to pass up.

On Raimy’s end, Goff has been MIA for 20 years, so it’s up to Frank to find him. Raimy tells Frank that the family wants to have a memorial for Julie, so they can mourn her. And Raimy is the freak who keeps saying “no” because they’re going to get her back. Frank assures Raimy he’s not going to let anything happen to Julie. He’s going to see her the next day when he goes to the house to babysit.

Frank and Satch question Maya who is finally awake. She confirms that Goff was the one who took her. She describes her time with him. Goff would leave the hatch to the cellar open while he worked, looking over at her occasionally as if she was his pet. Maya wondered if Thomas could be the Nightingale. When she asked him, Frank Goff smiled, and confirmed Maya wasn’t his first.

Frank thinks they have enough to push Goff’s mother, Marilyn, until she cracks. Satch wants to go another route. He thinks their best bet is to follow her until she lead them to Thomas.

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Frank Warns Julie, Again

Frank goes to pick up young Raimy and apologizes to Julie for the crazy radio stuff. He blames it on stress. Julie admits he had her scared and wants to know if Frank is talking to someone, a professional. Being undercover that long can change a guy. Frank replies that being back is all he needed. As Julie leaves for work, Frank can’t help but to warn her again to be careful, especially with the Nightingale preying on pretty nurses.

To Kill a Nightingale

Raimy decides to take a crack at Marilyn Goff herself. Marilyn insists she hasn’t seen Thomas in 20 years, so Raimy pulls out some crime scene photos and tells the woman that her son is the Nightingale Killer. Marilyn doesn’t believe it, so Raimy decides to bluff. She claims they have DNA evidence linking Thomas to 11 of the women. The cops matched his samples from her house and the outbuilding in 1996. Raimy throws down a file she swears are lab reports, but Marilyn doesn’t touch them.

Marilyn replies that DNA can be wrong, but Raimy lays it all out there. She accuses Marilyn of buying off Thomas’ rape victim in ’94, and cleaning up after him in ’96. Raimy is confident Marilyn has been hiding her son all these years.

Raimy wanted Marilyn to see the pictures not to generate sympathy for the girls or their families, but so Marilyn will understand why every cop in the city is out looking for Thomas. They know the family has money and connections and would likely never stand trial. Instead, he’s going to get the back of his head blown off, and nobody is going to ask why.

Raimy offers Marilyn a deal. Either Raimy can bring him in, guaranteeing his safety and a trial, or he can be hunted down and shot like a dog in the street.

Marilyn must have caved because Raimy shows up at a dilapidated old property where Thomas has been holed up. Goff swears he’s not going to prison and tells Raimy to shoot, but she refuses. The two fight, and Raimy finally gets him down and in handcuffs.

On their way to the station, Raimy attempts to question Goff, particularly about the night her mother was killed. But all Goff will say is that he doesn’t remember any of “their” names. She pulls over and yanks him out of the car. Truthfully, this guy is almost too much of a sad sack to pass for a serial killer. Raimy beats the shit out of the guy, demanding to know how he chose her mother, but Goff refuses to talk without a lawyer. Raimy promises him that is never going to happen.

Frank and young Raimy are enjoying some quality time together when Satch bursts in with a lead on Goff. Phone records show a number of calls from the Goff home to a pay phone in Washington Square. Frank has to bail on Raimy.

As Satch and Frank stake out a phone booth, Frank expresses how bad he feels for disappointing Raimy. He’s worried what will happen if Julie finds out. Satch has no choice but to confess that Julie already knows thanks to his wife, Leah, and is on her way to pick up Raimy as they speak.

Frank and Satch spot Goff, and he takes off running. Goff gets enough of a lead that Frank and Satch are powerless to stop Thomas as he walks in front of an oncoming taxi. Raimy turns around from taking out her gun to find Goff gone.

Raimy rushes home to find nothing has changed. The house is full of flowers in preparation for the memorial that Gordo is organizing.

Oops She Did It Again

Raimy has to break the news to Frank that Goff wasn’t the Nightingale. He still thinks they have something to be proud of. They saved Maya and dealt with Goff who was sure to attack someone else. Raimy realizes Frank never thought Goff was the Nightingale and is pissed her dad didn’t try to stop her. Frank points out that he did convey his doubts, but Raimy didn’t want to hear it. She asks Frank not to let her go off the rails again. Frank wants to know what happened, and even though Raimy won’t divulge the details, she does tell her father it isn’t anything she wouldn’t do again.

Frank warns Raimy that this is a marathon. They can’t make mistakes because Julie needs both of them. Raimy can’t jeopardize the case. She responds that he can’t let the fact that she’s his daughter get in the way.

Gordo shows up on the porch, hoping to convince Raimy to attend her mother’s service. But Raimy swears to him that Julie has been with her every day, and she doesn’t need to say goodbye. The two decide to grab a drink and some pizza. They hit a place where Raimy used to go with Daniel, so it’s not that shocking when he turns up. The last time Daniel saw Raimy, she was just this crazy stranger who interrupted a family dinner, insisting they were a couple.

Daniel approaches Raimy and asks if she’s following him. Raimy tries to convince Daniel she’s not a crazy stalker and does a marginal job. Gordo intervenes and suggests they all head home. After Daniel leaves, Gordo wants to know what’s up, and Raimy reveals she and Daniel dated once. She did come to the bar looking for him, and Gordo advises her that she might want to let that one go.

Frank has to deal with Julie and the never-ending reminders that he’s a lackluster dad. Julie tries to make Frank understand that Raimy has to come first now.

Frank and Raimy’s personal lives are a mess, so they continue to throw themselves into the Nightingale case. Both are convinced that if they can get this right, everything else will work out. But what are they sacrificing in the meantime? And the real Nightingale already has Julie in his sights.

Did you think Thomas Goff was the Nightingale? Is Raimy more like Frank than she realizes? Is Frank more dedicated to his job than his family? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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