Supernatural season 12 is officially here. After the first two episodes, we have a clear picture of what’s to come as this episode, “Mamma Mia,” introduces some big elements.

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First we have the new Lucifer, a rock star who makes a terrifying first impression. Then there’s Mary Winchester reuniting with both of her sons, and there’s bound to be plenty of drama surrounding how each of them handles her resurrection. Finally, we learn a little bit more about the British Men of Letters and what their plans are for the Winchesters.

Lady Toni “Interrogates” Sam

The episode begins with Toni and Sam…in bed! Obviously this is a hallucination as part of her interrogation of Sam to get info on American hunters, but it’s definitely the most fun and sexy style of interrogation. It works to an extent, but then Sam is able to realize that something isn’t wrong and he wakes up, still tied to a chair in the basement.

Mama Drama

Dean is struggling to figure out how to talk to his mom now that she’s not dead. When Cas tracks down Sam’s location, Mary invites herself a long, much to Dean’s chagrin. He’s worried about her, but Mary was a Hunter before he was even a twinkle in her eye. In the car, Mary learns about how Sam and Dean started hunting after John’s disappearance, and she’s quite upset to learn that Sam had the chance to get out of the family business and didn’t take it. Dean explains that family is all the Winchesters have.

They arrive at the house and Dean goes in alone to rescue Sam, but he’s captured and tortured as well. It seems Toni really has done her Winchester homework since she knows about Ruby and Benny. What she doesn’t know is that Mary is back, so Mama Winchester shows up to save both of her sons and kick the British lady’s butt.

The Men of Letters Offer

At this point, Toni’s boss Mick arrives. He’s much more reasonable, chastising her for using the stick instead of the carrot. Mick explains that the British Men of Letters suspects something unusual is happening within the ranks of American Hunters, and their goal is to figure out what it is and potentially work with them. Mick is willing to work WITH the Winchesters since they have done a lot of good to clean up the American Hunter community.

Mick leaves with Toni while the Winchesters consider the offer. But first they have to deal with family drama. Sam is much more open about his emotions, talking to Mary, giving her John’s journal and hugging her. Dean is more reserved, shoving pie into his face and tearing up all alone while drinking beer and looking at old family photos.

But all is not well with the British. Toni wants to eliminate the Winchesters and Mick wants to work with them, but he’s willing to do it her way if need be. That’s where “Mr. Catch” comes in, some mysterious man we see packing up his guns in England before heading to America. This is only the beginning.

The New Lucifer

We meet Vince Vincente, an aging, alcoholic rock star. With his long, floppy hair and tragic loss of a wife, it’s almost like he’s the Ghost of Sam’s Future, which might be why he’s such a perfect vessel for Lucifer. Lucifer takes the form of Vince’s dead wife and tricks him into saying  “Yes,” giving us a new Devil.

And he’s kind of bad-ass. Guest star Rick Springfield brings a more sinister attitude to the role than Mark Pellegrino did. I loved the old Lucifer, but he was definitely a little bit funnier than you’d expect. This Lucifer is simply scary.

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Elsewhere, Crowley recruits his mom into helping him track Lucifer. Rowena is trying to get away from all of the monster drama, but Crowley won’t let that happen since she’s the only one who can help put Lucifer back in the Cage.

Lucifer shows up to Crowley’s dungeon to threaten him, but Crowley gets the upper hand thanks to his mom. He throws sulfuric acid in Lucifer’s face, resulting in some gnarly special effects where Lucifer’s face is partially destroyed. However, Rowena’s spell to send him back to the Cage fails.

Lucifer powers up, cures his face and proves that he’s stronger than ever. Crowley disappears as fast as he can, leaving Rowena to suffer the wrath of Lucifer. And he decides to keep her around to use her witch powers, locking her away in the Cage instead.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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