The three-ring circus that is (or was) the marriage of former Real Housewives of Washington D.C. stars Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi continues to unravel in the public eye. Just the way they like it.

Tareq has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Michaele and her new boyfriend, Journey lead guitarist Neal Schon.

The Salahis gained notoriety in 2009 when they crashed a White House state dinner uninvited. A year later, the two then appeared on RHODC for its one season run. Alas, this would (obviously) not be the last we heard of the irritating Salahis.

After being kicked off Celebrity Rehab for not actually having an addiction in the spring of 2011, it wasn’t long before the Salahis grabbed headlines again. In September, Tareq reported Michaele missing to the police. Even after Michaele contacted the police to assure them that she wasn’t missing, Tareq issued a statement that said he believed her to be kidnapped.

Mere hours after Tareq’s statement, it became quite clear that Michaele wasn’t kidnapped, she had just run off with rock star Neal Schon. The two filed for divorce two days later.

Now Tareq is suing Michaele and Neal for $50 million, claiming that the breakup has cost him money in potential for future reality TV shows, and that he is not worth as much individually because the Salahis, together, made up a brand.

The suit reads, “Through their concerted efforts they held themselves out as not just Husband and Wife but as business partners and further, a brand. They wrote a book together, made countless appearances together and were essentially inseparable in both their personal and business lives.”

The suit also claims that in the summer of 2011, the Salahis were cast on Dancing With the Stars for 2012 and would need to relocate to Australia for the show. Each of them were to allegedly receive $150,000 for their participation — until Michaele left and the deal fell through. Tareq also claims personal damages inflicted on him by Neal, who was “rubbing the extramarital liaison in his face.”

In addition, after Michaele scooted on Tareq, their talent agent dropped him and informed him that from then on, the agency would be representing Michaele and Neal instead.

How all of these things add up to $50 million owing is quite a mystery, but it seems the messier and the more public a divorce is, the bigger the numbers get. And interestingly enough, Neal Schon is also being sued by his ex, a former Playboy Playmate who claims they were living as husband and wife at the time Neal left with Michaele.

Looks like Bravo might have dropped the ball when they canceled The Real Housewives of D.C.; you can’t even script this kind of ridiculous drama.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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