Heroes creators were thanking their lucky stars that Isaiah Washington came along last season.   Heroes become the target of ugly accusations after the character of Zach, Claire’s confidant, was transformed – allegedly – from gay to straight before our very eyes.

 All sorts of nasty rumors followed, everything from Thomas Dekker’s management advising the young star not to play a homosexual, to various other accusations of homophobia.  The point seemed nearly moot when Washington’s back stage antics went public, and Dekker was announced as the lead in Fox’s Terminator spin-off The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

TV Guide reported that Dekker was asked point blank about the insinuations at the Sarah Connor Chronicles panel this morning. “It was something that was blown out of proportion.  The character was ambiguous. Me not appearing on the show anymore has nothing to do with the character… I was never under contract.” Dekker told the press gathering.

On The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dekker will co-star as John Connor, savior of the  future world, with Lena Headey who plays the series’ title role.  The series takes place following the events of Terminator 2 and Terminator 3, detailing John’s life on the road with his mother, pursued by an evil Cyborg from the future.

According to the panel, Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be doing any cameos on the series.  Dekker’s lock in with Fox for the series probably guarantees he will not be doing any Heroes cameos either.

Early clips of The Sarah Connor Chronicles have looked impressive, capturing the feel of the big screen cousin’s relentless mechanical stalking.  What remains to be seen is if the series can turn that shtick into a weekly gig.

Despite initial statements to the contrary, it is now possible that show may hold the ‘Terminator’ name.  The panel admitted they are toying around with the idea of naming the series “Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

– Jon  Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Source: TV Guide
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