Whenever a television pair moves past the “will they or won’t they” stage and actually gets together, the dreaded Moonlighting curse comes up. While no one can argue that David and Maddie’s relationship on that show did indeed destroy Moonlighting, is the curse inevitable? We take a look at 10 current TV couples who seem to have beaten the curse.

#10 Bones: Booth and Brennan

Sure, it’s technically too early to tell what effect Brennan and Booth’s relationship will have on their show. But the high ratings for the excellent season 7 return bode well for Bones’ future. Besides, it’s not like the constant Booth-Brennan chatter and bickering is going anywhere. It’s just that now they get to kiss too!

Bones: Booth and Brennan

#9 Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith and Derek

Meredith Grey’s ridiculous crush on “Dr. McDreamy” was at the heart of the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Thus, it would be fair to fear forward motion on that relationship. But despite constant ups and downs, the couple has remained more-or-less together — by Grey’s Anatomy standards anyway. The show, now in season 8, has remained even more intact.

#8 Chuck: Chuck and Sarah

So far, nothing has been able to kill Chuck. We always knew Chuck and Sarah were meant for each other, but could the struggling show survive any consummation of that love? Considering that the pair has been together since midway through season 3, the answer in season 5 is a resounding yes.

Chuck: Chuck and Sarah

#7 Glee: Will and Emma

Apparently, OCD and a handsome dentist weren’t enough to keep these two crazy kids apart. One of the only constants in a sea of shifting high-school relationships, Will and Emma are now firmly together — and still finding plenty of issues to deal with and sing about.

#6 Fringe: Olivia and Peter

The slow build of Olivia and Peter’s relationship (it took two seasons before they would even talk about it) led to eventual declarations of love in season 3. Sure, the relationship has been tested by doppelgangers, death, universal destruction and the occasional bout of non-existence, but Fringe certainly hasn’t been hurt by it.

#5 Psych: Shawn and Jules

Ever since Juliet O’Hara appeared in Psych’s second episode, the audience knew she was destined to be with Shawn. Still, it took several seasons of flirting and missed connections to make this a reality. You might think that the end of such a drawn-out courtship would spell trouble for the show, but Psych is still going strong and silly in season 6.

#4 Eureka: Jack and Allison

Considering how difficult it can be to even survive daily life in Eureka, Jack Carter and Allison Blake were always doomed to have a rough time when trying to get together. And still they did it. By the end of season 4, the couple found themselves fully committed and in love. Not even the mysterious disappearance of a Titan-bound spaceship could hinder that.

Eureka: Jack and Allison

#3 Leverage: Nate and Sophie

They may not have defined the exact nature of their relationship yet, but Nate and Sophie are definitely together (she told him her real name!) in season 4 of Leverage. Somehow, this does not greatly affect the constant cons and righting-of-wrongs that make up the show’s premise.

Leverage: Nate and Sophie

#2 The Office: Jim and Pam

Remember how one of the central plots in the early years of The Office was Jim’s unrequited love for the then-engaged Pam? Considering that now — 8 seasons into the series — the two are married and expecting a second baby, it’s safe to say the show survived their relationship.

#1 Nikita: Nikita and Michael

Even though Michael was originally out to kill Nikita, the chemistry between the pair could not be denied. Instead, Michael ended Nikita’s first season by turning his back on Division and embarking on a relationship (and on an outlaw lifestyle) with Nikita.

Nikita: Nikita and Michael

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