Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly announced that ABC swung its dreaded axe on several new shows recently. Among the canceled series is FlashForward, headlined by Joseph Fiennes.  But it’s not all bad news.  Ausiello also reports that ABC has renewed the alien invasion drama V for a second season.

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Joining it in the graveyard is Romantically Challenged, a newbie comedy starring Alyssa Milano. And though a late reveal, ABC has also decided to pull the plug on Better Off Ted and the seemingly, but no longer immortal Scrubs.

We can’t say we’re appalled. FlashForward‘s ratings have constantly spiraled down, and its stars have already moved on to other shows. We reported earlier that Christine Woods, Ryan Wynott and Zachary Knighton have booked new roles. That was certainly a giveaway.

The same can be said for the rest of the canceled series. It was a challenge to keep Romantically Challenged, and the numbers weren’t so great for Scrubs and Better Off Ted either.

The Bill Lawrence-penned comedy has struggled with its revision, Scrubs [Med School]. It was a failed attempt to reinvent the series without its protagonist. No wonder Zach Braff admitted that the renewal of the comedy was a lost cause.

Meanwhile, Better Off Ted has two seasons under its belt. Despite a steady amount of fans, the show just wasn’t saved. Perhaps ABC is simply making way for new blood. Then again, look how that turned out with FlashForward.

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Luckily for ABC, it had two potential replacements for Lost this season, and while FlashForward didn’t pan out, V, starring Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell, did, and ABC must’ve been pleased by its ratings after Lost Tuesday nights.  The shosw was picked up for 13 more episodes.

Now that we know the fate of the so-called Lost substitute, we’re sure not getting any more answers to the many questions it posed. Maybe we can just read the novel it was taken from instead.

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