The premiere of Supernatural‘s fourth season is just over 24 hours away.  After months of anticipation, fans will finally find out if Dean Winchester can crawl his way out of Hell.  I’ve already seen the episode thanks to the wonderful people at the CW, and though there are some things I cannot possibly give away for fear of assassination, I am able to reveal a few spoilers.  Below you’ll find a list of five things you can expect to see in tomorrow night’s episode, which is entitled “Lazarus Rising.”  These aren’t huge spoilers, but they should help to tide you over until Thursday evening.

1)  Dean Reunites with Sam

Every Supernatural fan knows that Dean will be back in the season’s first episode.  I won’t reveal how or why he returns, but I can promise that the Winchester brothers share a touching reunion that’s just as emotional as you’d expect.  It’s not a lengthy montage like you’d see in a chick flick, but it’s enough to bring a tear to the eye.

2)  Sam Drives the Impala

After Dean returns, he discovers that Sam has not only been driving his car, but he’s dared to hook an iPod up to the radio so he can listen to wuss rock all the time.  As you can imagine, Dean is not pleased with the way his baby has been treated.  Sam even takes the car for a spin without his brother’s permission later in the episode, proving that he’s become a brave man since Dean died.

3)  Dean Mentions His Perky Nipples

I’m sad to say there’s no visual, but hearing Jensen Ackles say “perky nipples” is its own reward.

4)  Sam Hangs Out With a Girl Named Kristy

Kristy is played by Genevieve Cortese (Wildfire), and her reasons for hanging out with Sam are revealed in the episode.  Based on her few scenes, I’m a bit skeptical about her acting ability.  It’ll be interesting to see if other fans feel the same way.

5)  Something is After Dean

Just because Dean returns from Hell doesn’t mean that life is all sunshine and puppies.  After he returns, he finds that a supremely powerful force is trying to track him down.  It wouldn’t be Supernatural if the Winchesters weren’t in some sort of danger.

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– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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