We rejoiced when we heard the news that Danielle Staub wasn’t returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, feeling fortunate that we didn’t have to see her carrying around that weird mannequin head to demo for any and all how she had her weave ripped out on the Bravo show. (Of course, there’s still her musical “career” to contend with, but that seems more easily avoidable.)

But now the rumors that have been swirling for months about Danielle’s new reality show seem to be somewhat more substantiated now that we have a clip of the filming from Radaronline, which reports the new show Social will be coming to a small screen near you on Wealth TV (an actual network apparently) and will be a sort of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for a new generation — which apparently we haven’t gotten enough of through the likes of The Real Housewives.

According to Radaronline, in each episode “Danielle visits a famous friend and gets a taste of their luxurious lifestyle.” In this clip, she’s trying to upstage chilling with record producer and recording artist Prince Malik. Check out the horror for yourselves, and then quickly go amend your letter to Santa, asking him to ensure that this show never sees the light of TV:

What do you think? Is Danielle Staub the new Robin Leach?

(Image courtesy of Bravo)

Jen Harper

Editor, BuddyTV