If you’re already bored with ABC’s The Glass House (and judging from the dismal ratings of episode 2, down to 3.3 million it seems almost everyone is), never fear, because the REAL voyeuristic reality competition Big Brother is almost here. The 14th season of the CBS summer hit begins Thursday, July 12 at 9pm, but host Julie Chen offered a sneak peek inside the house on her daily show, The Talk.

This photo is of Julie inside the house, and since there’s very little to go on, let’s speculate wildly.

bb14photofirstlook.jpgThe biggest mystery is the theme. The tiles have celestial bodies (Saturn, a crescent moon), which suggests some type of space theme. Will there be astronauts? Or will there be another season where contestants are divided into distinct cliques, one of which is the nerds who will be excited by space stuff?

My favorite theory is that Big Brother 14 will have an alien invasion theme where the slop is replaced by dry-freezed astronaut food and Tang and where the challenges involve weird, creepy Martians. It also gives CBS a perfect tie-in with one of its biggest shows, The Big Bang Theory, because the latest season ended with Howard being blasted into space. We all know how much CBS loves cross-promotion (remember when David Hasselhoff showed up to promote the CBS reality show Same Name?).

A space theme would also make it easy for the return of everyone’s favorite character, the Zingbot, who could easily be worked into a Lost in Space parody.

What do you think of the space room? Do you have a wild theory about what it means for Big Brother 14, or are you just excited that the show is almost here?

(Image courtesy of CBS)

John Kubicek

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