After author Stephen King gave his take on how he would end LOST, fans of the ABC cornerstone decided to take a shot at coming up with their own endings. Of course, a prize was at stake (an autographed LOST screenplay) to help get the creative juices flowing, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

The rules were simple: Create your own ending for LOST. The finalists appear below, and one of them will walk away with an authentic signed LOST screenplay. Who will decide who wins? You! To make things a little easier, we have summarized each of the finalists for quick browsing. The link bar below will take you through the entry summaries, if you see one you want to read more about you can click a link to see the complete post. Some of them are LONG! All of them are awesome! At any point, if you decide your mind is made up, you can return to to cast your vote! The winner will be announced this Friday! Without further ado… let’s bring to an end!

01. Patchy is the Man
02. The Endless Cycle Ends
03. The Life of the Island
04. The Dark Tower Effect
05. Wouldn’t you like to be an Other too?
06. That Darn Dog!
07. Profiteering Patchy
08. The Metafictional Waltz
09. Rock Around the Locke Tonight!
10. Got Some Raid?
11. The Snow Globe Effect
12. Fate, Formulas, and a time machine
13. Congratulations, you’re an alien!
14. Jack and Locke as Sacrifices to Faith

Special Thanks to Bunny Suction and Natalie for helping with the Summaries!