#1 – Patchy is Da’ Man

Patchy (aka Jacob) is an ex-Dharma rebel who erected an electromagnetic veil around the island, controls the monster, and wants to establish a new Utopian society on the island. The sickness turns out to be the onset of psychic powers and the kidnapped children have been injected with the “vaccine”, which ages their bodies to boost their immune systems as a defense. The Others split over whether to stand behind Jacob, and in the aftermath, those remaining each choose their own fate. Many decide to stay on the island for different reasons: some to rebuild, some to escape their demons, some to be healed. Others decide to return home, some to start new lives, others to yet more tragedy. We end with Sawyer, who delivers messages to the loved ones of those who have stayed behind, and then embarks on the last stage in his own journey of redemption.

#2 – The Endless Cycle Ends

Some power has lured countless groups to become stranded on the island since the time in which the four-toed statue was originally erected. Similar events play out with each iteration, as the new arrivals step in to replace the old roles. As the show unfolds, we learn more about this mysterious power and why new victims are needed. The show ends with the crash of a new vessel and the arrival of new survivors, with the remaining crew of Oceanic Flight 815 now assuming the role of the Others.

#3 – The Life of the Island

A group of government agents is sent in to take over the Dharma Initiative and its remaining renegade scientists, but when they realize that the Dharma initiative has actually succeeded in shielding the island itself from the forces destroying the rest of humanity, they stay behind to continue the project and become the Others. Over time the island’s development begins to go awry, prompting the Others to seek test subjects to find out what is going wrong. Governments, business, and others in power select these subjects and arrange for them to be sent to the island on flight 815, intending for it to land safely. The Others realize that humanity can only be saved on the island itself, and try to determine what types of people should and should not be saved. In the end, Michael and Penny rescue the survivors, and the Island takes on a life of its own, as we are left with the realization that the end of humanity has come on the island itself, not in the world as a whole.

#4 – The Dark Tower Effect

The island moves in and out of an alternate universe, occasionally connecting with different time periods in our reality. The survivors experience draws strong parallels with the Dark Tower series. The “island” is the Tower and if the Island falls, so does the world. Only changing the core values of the Valenzetti equation will save the island. The survivors will fall one by one until only Jack and Locke remain. In the end, Jack must face off alone against Rainer (Patchy) and defeats him but dies a tragic hero in the progress. But the island is a special, and so Jack is given another chance to try again from the beginning. He once again awakes on the island in the aftermath of the crash but something has changed, signifying hope that this time around things will be different.

#5 – Wouldn’t you like to be an Other too?

The island houses a magnetic anomaly which bends light and other energies, forming a nexus at the island’s remote viewing station. This keeps the island hidden and allows those in control of the remote viewing station to witness events taking place far away. The most sensitive minds, usually children, can even use these energies to astrally project themselves to other locations. Many have profited from this, through the power which comes with relative omniscience, but a deadly virus on the island prevents those who monitor the station (the Others) from ever leaving the protective confines of the island’s healing powers. Instead they relay what they know to their masters in the outside world, but grow increasingly defiant. Eventually a new group of individuals is manipulated aboard flight 815 as potential replacements for the Others, who are not pleased with this development. Years pass, and multiple factions converge on the island for the end-game. It is Hurley who finally alters the numbers of the Valenzetti equation, averting the crisis destined to befall mankind. Some leave, and those who have been affected by the virus stay behind, to watch over mankind.

#6 – That Darn Dog!

Following the implosion of the hatch and the electromagnetic anomaly the island loses its healing powers and some survivors lose their lives as a result. Kate and Sawyer escape Hydra island with the help of Alex but the Others keep Jack. Suddenly, Vincent runs into the jungle and transforms into the smoke monster. He flies for miles over open ocean until finding Michael and Walt. He explains to them that everything they have been through has been an experiment and that even the plane crash was staged. The horizon fades to black, a door appears in the distance, Michael and Walt enter, and all is revealed.

#7 – Profiteering Patchy

Dharma has actually become a company which offers its clientèle the opportunity to disappear, forget their lives, and start over in a tropical paradise. The events of the show have been staged, (even the deaths), to make the process indistinguishable from reality. Rich? Bored? Need adventure? Dial 1-oce-ani-c815.

#8 – The Metafictional Waltz

Another hatch is found and the intensity of the whispers increases. While the survivors wrangle over who is going to enter the scary hatch, Michael and Walt return to the island after having had a change of heart. Much drama ensues as they finally make their way inside the final hatch to find out it is J.J Abrams Office! The whispers have been his thoughts as he struggles to come up with an ending to LOST!

#9 – Rock Around the Locke Tonight!

Turns out there are two groups of others! Using various means of trickery, the survivors are drawn to each side. Newer, scarier monsters are found to be weapons of this conflict. Locke is originally seduced by the dark side, but ultimately he is turned by Jack. This was his “destiny” all along. The conflict ends with the good guys triumphant. Now they can go home. Some, including Locke, decide to stay behind to continue to protect the island.

#10 – Got Some Raid?

Locke is possessed by the smoke monster which shows him the history of the island: a civilization that existed there destroyed and the island gutted to install the hatches. The others are trying to control the powers of the island. The Losties were brought there to destroy the others. The hatches are being used to control the power of the island. The Losties discover a master hatch and destroy it. Once liberated, the forces of the island quiet. They can never leave, but by eradicating the others the Valenzetti equation has changed and mankind will live on.

#11 – The Snow Globe Effect

When Flight 815 came hurtling towards the beach, it represented a breach of an Eden the Others had dedicated their lives to protecting. The Island itself is a living entity, powered by electromagnetic forces that the Others have managed to harness, a sort of snow globe that separates the power within from the outside world. Its security breached, the island has now been discovered by the outside world, and is at the mercy of the U.S. government which fears its potential, and aims to destroy it. Penny Widmore is given a two-day window to save any survivors and face the Smoke Monster, which is the personified spirit of the island itself. Locke offers himself as a sacrifice for the rest of his comrades, most of whom quit the island with Penny. Another smaller group, needing the healing properties of the area to survive, escapes to the “alcatraz” island with Juliet. In the end, the Island itself is sacrificed to the gods of beauracracy as it is utterly destroyed from existence by a rain of government missiles. When the smoke clears, we find the island’s annihilated corpse . . . in the Antarctic, where it lived all along.

#12 – Fate, Formulas, and a time machine

Claire awakens to find baby Aaron missing again. Desmond provides cryptic clues about fate and how to find baby Aaron. Realizing he knows far more than he’s letting on, Sayid knocks out Desmond, places him in cuffs and the search party (Sayid, Charlie, Claire, and Hurley) begin hunting for Aaron. Meanwhile, Locke sees the Kate’s SOS sign; on the smaller island. He boldly tries to swim towards it and when he weakens physically, Michael and Walt return to rescue him. As Locke regains strength, the group heads toward the smaller island in the boat. When they reach Kate, the loud sound of the Black Smoke Monster is heard, destroys Michael’s boat and ascends on the group. Elsewhere on the island, Jack demands escape after saving Ben and is led to the submarine, then promptly knocked out. Desmond leads the search party to a hut, where Rosseau appears and holds Desmond at gunpoint demanding everyone follow her to a new “hatch” that contains a time machine that works off a formula with specific numbers. Eventually, all groups (Aaron search party, Locke and crew with monster, and Ben and Jack) arrive. Locke fights the monster and Ben starts the countdown and procedure for the time machine. As he counts down from 15, the monster and Walt have a confrontation while the machine starts messing up – but there’s no way to stop the countdown. At the end of the countdown, heavy vibrations are felt and a white light is seen. When it’s over, the room is empty. The final shot is the island, peaceful and without people… until a massive jet crashes in the sky, Oceanic 815.

#13 – Congratulations, you’re an alien!

A new planet is discovered and the UN decides to colonize it and start a new civilization. The island is selected to conduct a top secret experiment which will identify the ideal candidates to populate this new world. A group of test subjects is identified and manipulated onto flight 815. Once they arrive on the island they are subjected to numerous psychological, physical, and moral tests. All those already on the island before the crash are pawns in the experiment and continue to manipulate the survivors to the ultimate goal of determining who should be selected for the new civilization. Many die, or are deemed unfit and disposed of. Those who remain are taken away and told why they have been selected and why humanity must start anew.

#14 – Jack and Locke as Sacrifices to Faith

As the island literally shakes, much like the End of Days, Jack and Locke, who have both now come to believe in the destiny of the island itself, stay behind as the rest of the survivors are whisked away by rescue vehicles brought by Penny Widmore. Desmond predicts their tragedy as the island collapses on itself, taking the two heroes as its final sacrafice. Three years later, Kate, now married to Sawyer, receives a cryptic call from a voice she recognizes as Jack’s own. Thousands of miles away, where the island once stood, a familiar creature rises from the sea: The smoke monster.


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