Lost continues its reign in the top spot in the BuddyTV FPR (Fan Popularity Rankings) for this last week carrying over its lead from the last FPR. It’ll be interesting to see if Lost can maintain its momentum as it goes into hiatus until February 7, 2007. But then again, the folks over at Lost seem to be masters of driving up anticipation and disseminating rumors to keep its viewers digging for more.

It also doesn’t surprise me that Dancing with the Stars ranked #2 after all the buzz Emmitt Smith and company created this season. I’m curious if DWTS has peaked in audience membership or will continue to grow next year.

CW’s emergence in the BuddyTV FPR caught me off guard as it placed 3 television shows in the Top 10 with America’s Next Top Model, Gilmore Girls, and Smallville. I think the folks over at CW would be wise to further exploit the fact that their fans seem to be very internet savvy and perform a lot of information gathering above and beyond what they get from the television set every week.

Heroes seems to be building on its growing fan base with a rabid internet fan base too. If cultivated correctly by the studio, I can see the fan base being a mix of Lost and Battlestar Galactica which of course is one of the best compliments one can bestow on a show. It’ll be very intriguing to see which show will seize the #1 spot now that both Lost and Dancing with the Stars are not showing live episodes. Will it be Heroes or possibility Grey’s Anatomy?

Fox is doing well with both Prison Break and The O.C. on air, but I’m sure they are ready to begin dominating the list when the mighty American Idol comes back on. On the other hand, CBS only places Survivor in the Top 10, but I’m sure the executives are quite happy with how well all their crime related shows are doing in television rankings. Nonetheless, I’m sure CBS would love to further nurture an online fan base to complement their on-air success. Looking forward to reading your comments.


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