Twelve weeks is a long time for LOST spoilers to seep out; at this rate will there be anything left by the time February rolls around? Our in-house sleuths, and those abroad, bring you the latest goodies from the world of LOST spoilerdom. Don’t follow the jump if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Several new goodies to share with you this week, rumors to dispel, and new spoilers to make your wait even harder.

1) Despite wide-spread rumors, Matthew Fox’s character, Jack, will not be shot by Juliet when LOST returns on February 7th. In-fact, Juliet will shoot Pickett who is on the verge of killing Sawyer, leaving herself in a precarious position with the others.

2) This isn’t necessarily good news Jack fans, however. Fox is already state-side and is going to hosting Saturday Night Live in December. All that time off the island can only mean one thing: he’s not filming LOST. Sources close to the set insist that Fox is not part of the reunion that takes place in episode eight…

3) Sawyer, and Kate, return the beach at the end of the episode.

4) Episode nine is the final update on Jack’s status. He stayed behind to repair Ben, but will he now get off the island as he was promised or not?

5) Need further evidence that Ben survives? Currently the plan is for the season three finale to be Ben centric.

6) Doc Arzt makes a return this season via flash-back. Not that thrilling, I know, but I can barely contain myself.

7) There are two more deaths planned after Pickett, both major character deaths.

8) A super secret spy tells us Patchy’s name is either “Rainer” or “Ranier”, but admits that the info is from very early development. French Dharma guy with an eye-patch? Sounds kinda groovy.

9) Bai Ling will play the tattoo artist who brands Jack in episode nine.

10) Libby fans will probably have to wait another season to get more of her story. The characters she crosses with in flashback have not been introduced, but are pivotal in a game-changing way.


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