In the previous episode of Extant, JD asked Molly for help after his pregnant daughter showed up on his doorstep. Molly ran a test to determine if JD’s daughter was carrying another hybrid baby, but the test showed that she is in the clear. Meanwhile, Ethan escaped and made his way to Molly’s home, only to pass out when he had another memory flash of his real mother. He then left Molly a message telling her that he had been there.

In the fifth episode of season 2, “The New Frontier,” now that Molly knows Ethan is still alive, she makes it her mission to get her son back. Meanwhile, JD starts to look into John’s death, Lucy makes her first kill and Molly’s episodes get much worse.

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Molly Fights for Ethan

After finding Ethan’s message, Molly goes to JD for help. At first, JD thinks someone might be playing a trick on her, but then they find Charlie’s fingerprint in Molly’s apartment. Molly and JD head over to Julie’s place to find out what is going on and Molly sees Ethan. Molly rushes to embrace her son, thrilled that he is still alive, only to realize that he does not know who she is. Molly tells Ethan that she is his mother, but this confuses Ethan because, as far as he knows, Julie is his mother.

After Julie has Charlie take Ethan away, Molly confronts Julie about reprogramming her son. Julie claims she did it for Ethan’s well-being, but Molly does not believe her. Julie calls the police and since she has legal custody of Ethan, JD gets Molly out of there before they both end up in trouble.

Later, Molly goes to see Toby. She confronts him about Julie having custody of Ethan and he does not deny that he knew about it. So Molly starts in with the threats. Molly tells Toby that if she does not get her son back, she will not help him with the virus. She will also go to the press with everything she knows about the alien threat. Needless to say, Toby cannot have this.

Molly Finally Gets a Win

With Molly’s threat to go public hanging over his head, Toby gets the woman in charge of HomeSec, Fiona Stanton, to agree to meet with Molly to address the custody issue. During their meeting, Molly manages to hold it together long enough to make a decent impression. Stanton decides that Molly should be able to spend time with Ethan so they can get to know one another again and plans for Molly to eventually regain custody of Ethan. Julie, of course, is furious. But as much as I do not want Ethan to remain with Julie, she does have a point that Molly might not be capable of taking care of Ethan right now.

Molly’s Strange Behavior Continues

Molly’s episodes — the migraines, her out-of-control senses and the blackouts — continue throughout the episode. This becomes particularly problematic when Toby drops by to visit Molly and her hormones go into overdrive again. Thankfully, JD shows up before anything can happen between Molly and Toby, but Molly wakes up the next day with no memory of what happened after Toby left. She discovers a stamp on her hand and has a brief flash of being at a bar, but that’s about all she knows of what happened.

Later that night, Molly is walking home when she runs into some random guy. This guy seems to know Molly and makes it clear that he knows her in the biblical sense. When he starts getting a bit forceful, Molly pushes him off and he suddenly begins to hallucinate. We see Molly’s eyes take on that weird alien glow and the guy ends up walking into traffic, just as JD arrives. JD asks Molly what happened and she says that she thinks she did it. How did Molly develop these powers? Are they even hers or is she somehow sharing them with her alien son?

Did Julie Have John Killed?

After JD hears the story of John’s death, he decides to look into it, as both he and Molly are wondering if John’s death was really an accident. JD somehow gets his hands on data from John’s vehicle and has a friend look into cracking it. This friend does not find much on the so-called accident, but he does manage to find records of the calls made from the lab just before John’s death. He tells JD that Julie made a call right after John left the lab and a few minutes later, John was dead. They can tell Julie called someone in the highest levels of the government, making JD even more suspicious of her involvement.

Julie’s phone call in the season premiere was meant to make us believe she had something to do with John’s death, but is this all a bit too obvious? Is it possible that Julie is innocent and someone else is responsible for John’s death? Could it have been Toby? Did Toby have John killed and Molly institutionalized so he could begin the hunt for Molly’s son without their interference?

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Other Happenings

— Lucy is still operating without any limitations, thanks to Charlie’s deception. So when Charlie takes Lucy out to eat and she spots someone with a low body temperature — apparently a way to distinguish the hybrids from humans — she follows the rules she learned in combat simulation and kills the hybrid. Anna and Stanton are thrilled with Lucy’s success, but Charlie and Julie are clearly concerned.

— That code Molly managed to decipher actually leads to some progress in their search for a virus that will kill the hybrids. But Toby’s team is struggling to make sense of things without Molly’s help, something Molly holds over Toby’s head during their argument. Can Toby’s team create the virus without Molly? What happens if she changes her mind about wanting to destroy her son and the other hybrids?

What did you think of this episode of Extant? Did you suspect that Molly’s strange episodes would lead to something like this? What other powers does Molly now possess, assuming she didn’t just borrow those abilities from her son? What do you think of Lucy’s relationship with Ethan? She has convinced him to make some pretty questionable choices, but he seems to be the only person she genuinely cares about. Will she try to keep Ethan all to herself? Ethan was pretty upset when he learned that Julie reprogrammed him to forget Molly. What will their relationship be like now? Will Ethan ever get his memories of Molly back or are they gone for good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Extant now airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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