Everyone’s been clamoring for some Jared-love, so finally, here it is.

I know that many, many of you submitted fan questions to ask the boys. Supernatural fans are among the smartest people I’ve met online, and the quality of all of your questions was really great. I’m really sorry to say, however, that we didn’t have time to ask all of your questions. As you know, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles appear in virtually every single scene of every single episode of Supernatural, which means that most of their time on set is spent working. So when BuddyTV went up to the set of Supernatural, we were able to ask Jared only two fan questions.

Now, personally, I love both Supernatural boys and I couldn’t possibly choose between the two. But, if someone were pointing the Colt at my head, I think I would have to pick Jared. I mean absolutely no disrespect to Jensen and Jensen fans out there, I swear. Seriously, Jensen is not only super attractive, as anyone who watches the show can attest, but when I met him on the Supernatural set, I also found Jensen to be super charming and friendly and funny as well.

But let me make the case for Mr. Padalecki. I remember distinctly that he was the reason why I tuned in that fateful Tuesday night in September of 2005. He first caught my attention as Dean Forrester on Gilmore Girls, the sweet, considerate and hunky high school sweetheart of Rory Gilmore. Since I identified to an extraordinary degree with the character of Rory, Jared Padalecki will always be a kind of “first boyfriend” to me, and you never forget your first.

Jared Padalecki is also a really talented actor. I’ve watched him grow into his role over the years, and I’m always impressed with the performances he puts out week after week. I think it certainly helps that the character of Sam Winchester is written so well. Sam is so complex, and Jared can evoke so much emotion in just the slightest change in his facial expression. Particularly as the last season progressed, I was so impressed with how Jared could portray exactly how torn up Sam was about Dean’s deal with Crossroads demon that eventually sent Dean to Hell.

I promise that we’ll have second interview of Jared up soon, so just sit tight and enjoy this short one for now. One thing to notice: during Jared’s answer to the second question, it’s Jensen who pipes in at the very end with his two cents. Please change your YouTube settings to “high quality” for a better viewing experience.

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