We were all expecting it.  90210: The Sex Episode.  Teenage fornication is well-worn soil for high school dramas.  The big worry whenever the subject is brought up is that it will turn into an after-school special.  Dealing with the issue realistically is difficult to pull off, because, well, this is TV.  90210, just in general, is completely unrealistic.  Tonight’s episode wasn’t cringe-inducing in its dealings with sex (though it was when it came to the musical stuff – let’s hope and pray that tonight was the last time we’ll hear our characters sing).  So, you’ve got to give 90210 props for that. 

Previously on 90210: Annie and Ty make out in public while she holds a box of snickerdoodles.

Annie and Ty look like they are in crazy intimate contact, about to do the dirty, but it turns out that it’s actually a part of the play.  Brenda is directing, Silver is the Stage Manager.  Brenda praises the cast – the show premieres the next day.  Annie is understudying for Adrianna, who has been absent quite often.  The sound board guy quits, so Dixon takes over. 

Naomi’s mom is being completely pathetic.  She’s been in bed all day.  Naomi comes home from school and tries to get her out of bed.  Naomi calls her father to tell her what a mess her mother is.  Naomi brings her father into her mother’s room.  Tracy is dressed up, looking great now.  She slaps her husband after he tells her that she doesn’t have to put on an act.  She tries to slap him again.  But, he grabs the slap and they start making out.

Harry, Kelly and Ryan go to check out the musical.  They catch Annie and Ty making out in the rafters.  Totally embarrassing.   The Wilson parents discuss Annie’s make-out session.  The Wilson women, including Tabitha, don’t think it’s a big deal.  Annie and her mom talk about Ty.  They talk about sex.  Annie really likes Ty.  I’m beginning to suspect, at this point, that this is the sex episode.  Annie – kind of a floozie. 

Adrianna is late, again.  Brenda is upset.  Adrianna says that this is just a high school play, she’s been in movies, she’s been in TV, blah blah blah.  Adrianna freaks out, gives a sob story, she’s late because she’s been in auditions.  She gets on stage and starts singing.  There’s been entirely too much singing on 90210

Naomi, Silver and Annie discuss Ty and Annie.  Naomi talks about sex, how Annie should have sex with Ty, and how everyone makes way too big a deal about sex.  She and Ethan have had a lot of sex. 

Brenda, Kelly and Ryan talk about Adrianna.  Kelly thinks they should take Adrianna out of the play.  Ryan and Brenda strongly disagree.

Annie is having pre-show jitters.  Ty and her talk about the after party at The Roosevelt Hotel.  Annie will be going.  Ty drops the bomb – he booked them a room.  Only if Annie wants to, you know.  Annie says like, yeah, totally, she wants to.  She doesn’t, really, or she doesn’t know.  She’s a confused girl.  The Wilson parents talk about The Roosevelt after-party.  Harry doesn’t think that they should let Annie go to the after-party.  Annie wears a skimpy dress. 

Brenda and Adrianna practice.  Adrianna’s mom shows up and tells her that they’ve got some agents and people coming to the play that night.  No pressure!

Harry drops Annie off, says he wants to take her and Ty out after the play.  Annie isn’t having any of it.  Harry tells his daughter to not make a bad decision regarding sex.  Annie storms inside. 

Adrianna is nowhere to be found before the play.  Brenda and Silver find her on the couch in the make-up room.  She is clearly high.  Fifteen minutes before curtain, Annie gets the call.  She’s the lead, Adrianna isn’t going on stage like this. The audience starts to get seated before the play.  Annie is freaking out before the play starts, but Ty comforts her.  The play starts, and it goes well. Annie is doing fine.  Adrianna’s mom shows up backstage, yells at Kelly.  They leave.  Or did they?  Adrianna watches from off-stage as Ty and Annie share a scene.

Naomi finds her mom taking all of her father’s things. She’s going to give them away to a homeless shelter.  They’re getting divorced – her decision, not Naomi’s father’s. 

The play is over.  The cast gets raucous applause, Brenda comes out on stage and takes a bow.  Ty and Annie make out back stage afterwards.  Annie says that, yes, she’s on board for the hotel room.  Annie finds Dixon in the hall, asks him for the condom he’s been saving in his wallet for five years.  Dixon is taken aback, but he hands off the condom amid much awkwardness.  Annie runs away but runs into Ethan in the hallways.  Literally.  Ethan has brought Annie flowers, but Ethan finds Annie’s newly acquired condom on the ground.  They share a horrified stare.  Ethan tells Annie that she cannot have sex with Ty Collins, that he’s a total player.  Annie brings up the car girl from the first episode.  Ethan tells Annie to wait for someone who cares for her.  Annie storms off, says that she tried that and it didn’t work. 

Party at the Roosevelt, yo!  Ty watches from the balcony of his room.  He hears a knock on the door.  It’s Adrianna.  She tells him that she saw Annie leaving the party with Ethan, and that they were making out.  Silver and Dixon talk poolside.  Dixon gives her the business, calling her overall life attitude in question.  Silver cuts him off and they totally make out. 

Annie walks to Ty’s room.  She knocks on the door, really nervous.  Adrianna answers, wearing only a towel.  Adrianna makes it clear that she and Ty just did the dirty.  The shower is on – Adrianna says that Ty’s in there rinsing off.  After Annie leaves, on the verge of tears, Adrianna goes into the bathroom and turns off the shower – no one is in there.  What a diabolical wench. 

Annie runs into Ethan and Naomi.  Annie has a break down, crying, saying she almost had sex tonight with a guy she barely knows. Meanwhile, Dixon and Silver make out, and Dixon says that he doesn’t have a condom.  Silver is all like “Whoa, there, man.”  They are going to take it slow. 

Annie arrives at home.  Her parents can tell something is a little off.  Annie cries alone in her room.

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