Last week we brought you our exclusive video of Supernatural star Jensen Ackles answering fan questions and reliving co-star Jared Padalecki’s most embarrassing moment.  This week, we bring you part two of our Jensen Ackles interview, which was recorded during our set visit to the Supernatural sound stages in Vancouver.  By now, if you’ve seen the video clips and photos of the next episode, “Ghostfacers,” you might begin to recognize the setting for this interview, because it’s actually on one of the sets from that episode.

For this part of the interview, I asked Jensen Ackles about his unexpected vacation from the writers’ strike, Dean’s journey in season 3, and where he thinks Dean might end up in the end.  Jensen Ackles claims he doesn’t speculate about his character’s fate anymore, but that doesn’t stop him from tossing out a few possible outcomes regarding Dean’s deal to be sent to Hell.

Hi, this is John Kubicek from BuddyTV, and I’m here on the set of Supernatural with Jensen Ackles. Hi Jensen.

How are you doing?

Great. Now you guys just recently started finishing this third season after the writers’ strike. What was it like coming back, and what did you do with your unexpected vacation?

It was really nice to finally get the phone call. I think it lasted a little longer than I was anticipating. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t welcoming it in the beginning as something to give us a bit more of a break over the holiday season, but that kind of turned into a bit of a lengthy stretch. I got really nervous, because I thought we were going to lose a lot of momentum, I thought we were going to lose some of our crew. Luckily the phone call came at a good time and we were able to get everybody back together. The writers had some scripts lined up and ready to go. We were able to kind of hit the floor running, so that was nice. I’m glad that we’re back. We’re shooting four more episodes to round off season 3, then we’re going to launch into season 4, which we’ve already got the pick up for, which is great.

As far as the time off, I didn’t do a whole lot, kind of rested. I knew that I wanted to catch up on my sleep, because those first 12 episodes are pretty much a grind. I spent some time with my family, my friends, and took an opportunity to go do some publicity down in Australia. So made a trip down there and met some of the people, some of the fans down there. That was great. It’s a very well-received show down there, so I was happy to see that.

Probably the best thing about finishing up this third season is that you have this story arc about Dean, and how is he going to wrap up this deal that he made with sending his soul to Hell. How has Dean changed in these last four episodes? What is his driving factor in resolving that issue?

I think in the first 12, the first half of the season, he was really just trying to make the most of his days that he had left. And by that I mean going out and playing poker, picking up women, and doing everything that he thinks are life’s luxuries. But now that the impending doomsday is coming closer and closer, I think that he’s starting to get a little nervous and a little scared. I think that he’s trying to figure out if there’s any way he can get out of this deal, so there’s a little bit more hesitancy on his part, a little bit more caution. Obviously Sam is still driven to find a way out, but he knows that there isn’t one. That reality is finally setting in, it’s grabbing hold of him pretty tight.

Is there going to be a resolution by the end of this season? Is it going to end with Dean signing an extension of one year longer on his contract?

You know, I don’t know. I had a brief conversation with Eric Kripke, the creator of the show, and he said he always keeps people guessing. I tried to make predictions about where the story was going in the first season, and I learned quickly don’t even try. I don’t know. Maybe Dean buys an extension, maybe Dean gets out of his deal somehow, maybe he goes to Hell. Who knows? We’re gonna have to wait and see.

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