Tonight is the premiere of season 20 of The Real World.  It’s hard to believe that there have been 19 seasons that have come and gone.  Every cast member this season, which takes appropriately in Hollywood, is looking to become famous.  They want to be singers, actors, models, directors, and producers. 

We first met Joey, 24 years old from Chicago, who wants to be an actor.  He’s very concerned with his looks, feeling that a good body is the key to success in Hollywood.  Kimberly, a 24 year old from South Carolina, is introduced next.  She wants to be an entertainment reporter for E! News.  The two meet up in the airport and head over to their new apartment, which should be absolutely amazing.  We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Dave is introduced next to America.  This 22 year old from Pennsylvania has no idea what he wants to do in Hollywood.  All he knows is that he wants to be famous.  20 year old Sarah is a recent college grad of Arizona State University and is looking to be a newsperson.  When she meets Dave, Sarah reveals that her 21st birthday is this coming Sunday.  He wants to take her out to party but he doesn’t know what a good girl she is.

Will is 23 years old from Detroit and he wants to be a music producer.  He meets Brianna, a 20 year old from Philly.  She once tried out for Idol and is hoping for better luck on The Real World.  The six roommates meet up at Stage 20, where they’ll be living all season.  The house looks like the set of a movie and is complete with a full gym, basketball court, indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, and production studio. 

One more roommate still had to arrive.  Greg was voted onto The Real World by the viewers and calls himself PretyBoy.  You would think that he would be nervous or excited but you would think wrong.  He was very laid back and rubbed some of his new roommates the wrong way right off the bat.  He told Kimberly and Sarah that he doesn’t want relationships with women or close relationships with anyone in general.

Will is immediately attracted to Brianna, who reveals to the house that she is an exotic dancer.  When he finds out about her career choice, he is cautious and is uninterested in pursuing any kind of relationship with her.  He tells her that he has lost respect for her and she tries to convince him that her job doesn’t define who she is.  Will decides to give her a chance and make a fresh start. 

Soon after, Brianna gets a call that there is a warrant out for her arrest.  She reveals, in her interview, that she was arrested before coming out to Hollywood for harassment and assault of her ex-boyfriend.  She calls the police back in Philly, who lets her know that she has 30 days to get home to take care of this.  Brianna calls Bobby, her ex, to try to get him to drop the charges but the two end up in a screaming match and she hangs up on him.

The roomies decide to let loose and cut some of the tension.  Sarah gives her gum to Will (without hands) and the two technically share the first kiss of The Real World season.  When they head out, Sarah forgets her purse and heads back to get it with Will.  It is very obvious that there is a large attraction between them but Sarah has a boyfriend back home.  When the housemates return home, Sarah and Kimberly crouch behind a couch and talk about the Will vs. The Boyfriend situation.

At the house, Greg makes fun of Joey for getting into the hot tub with a shirt on and calls him a “weirdo”.  Joey takes it a bit too seriously, says that he comes from a house where he got beat every day, and that he’s not some pretty white boy.  The girls confront Greg about his attitude and tell him to chill out.  He says that he doesn’t want to apologize and the girls storm off, aggravated with his immaturity.  When he calls his mom, she says that they’ll learn to love him but he doesn’t seem to care.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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