April 24 is coming soon. Fans of Supernatural know this date to be the day of the return of four all-new episodes of the best demon-hunter show on the air today. We’re all big Supernatural fans over here at BuddyTV, so we’ve gathered together some great prizes for our loyal readers to celebrate the return of Jensen and Jared into our living rooms. So, for the next five weeks, our weekly contest will be all Supernatural all the time.

This week, the contest is all about the The Official Supernatural Magazine. Published by Titan Magazines, each issue of the magazine gives you a special inside look at the world of Supernatural with interviews and in-depth, behind-the-scenes articles on your favorite demon hunters and the people who created them. We at BuddyTV are pleased to announce that we are giving away five subscriptions to the magazine. For more information on the Supernatural Magazine, visit: www.titanmagazines.com/supernatural

Your Take

SupeTroop said: I’m moderately compatable with Dean. My ideal t.v. boyfriend is Dean. I’m Sam from supernatural. My t.v. fa…

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Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win a subscription to The Official Supernatural Magazine:

1. Take all of five our Supernatural-related personality quizzes (Are you Compatible with the Supernatural Boys? Which TV Villain are You? Who is your Ideal TV Boyfriend? Who’s Your TV Daddy? and Which Supernatural Character Are You?)

2. Think about which of these quizzes gave you the best or most accurate result.

3. Copy and paste the HTML code from your favorite of these five quizzes into a post in the Supernatural Magazine Contest thread in the BuddyTV forum, and explain why you thought the result of this quiz was more accurate than those of the others. You must provide an explanation, otherwise your entry will not count.

You have until 12:00noon ET on Thursday, April 24, the day of the next brand-new episode of Supernatural! At that time, the contest thread in the BuddyTV forum will be closed, and the five winners will be selected at random.

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Are you Compatible with the Supernatural Boys?
Which TV Villain are You?
Who is your Ideal TV Boyfriend?
Who’s Your TV Daddy?
Which Supernatural Character Are You?

Before I leave you, I wanted to get you excited about the magazine by sharing an interview with Jim Beaver (a.k.a. Uncle Bobby) that can be found in the third issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine.

Father Figure

Brave, knowledgeable, and not one to suffer fools gladly, Bobby Singer has proven a godsend to the Winchester brothers since the character was first introduced in the season one episode Devil’s Trap. Actor JIM BEAVER tells
The Official Supernatural Magazine why Bobby will do anything for those “idgit” boys…In a recent script, Dean calls you a father figure. Do you see Bobby as a surrogate father to the boys?

I think I would agree with that. I don’t know that Bobby would describe himself as a father to the boys, but I think that’s kind of the way he feels about them. And I think that’s something that’s grown since Bobby was introduced in Devil’s Trap. I don’t get the impression that he had that kind of relationship with them before, but now that he sees them and works with them, he has a great deal of affection for them and a strong sense of responsibility. It’s an unintentional fatherly feeling. I’ve got a six-year-old daughter, so I don’t know anything about having two grown sons, but there’s a tendency for one’s age and experience to lead one into a parental mode when dealing with younger adults. These guys are smart and clever and determined, but they’re also a little childish, and Bobby enjoys his role, whether it’s father figure or mentor, or just cattle prod.

How are his relationships different with Sam and with Dean?

That’s a hard question to answer, because sometimes I have trouble separating Jared and Jensen from Sam and Dean. Bobby’s concerned about them both, with Dean’s sense of self, but there’s a sort of undercurrent of worry about Sam. Sam seems to have more of the heart of darkness about him than Dean does, although Sam and Bobby haven’t had the kind of deeply personal moments that Bobby and Dean have had. I just sense that there’s this ongoing watchful eye that Bobby’s got on Sam.

Read the full interview in issue 3 of The Official Supernatural Magazine, which went on sale on March 25. To subscribe, click here.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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