Everyone knows that Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is a tall guy. We’ve seen him tower of co-stars in nearly every TV or movie he’s done. Yet not until you come face-to-face with the man (or, in my case, face-to-neck) can you truly appreciate Jared’s height.

BuddyTV sat down with Jared Padalecki during our recent Supernatural set visit to ask him some questions submitted by fans on our site. Like Jensen Ackles, Jared was in the middle of a busy day of filming, and during nearly every break he was on his cell phone, dealing with travel issues to make it to EyeCon in Orlando. Continue reading for the exclusive video of the interview.

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First, we asked Jared a question from hikinggirl70, who wanted to know if he was interested in other genres aside from horror. Jared’s answers may surprise you, almost as much as the fact that he doesn’t consider himself particularly funny. He also gives up the details on his summer schedule, and how he came to be a part of the new Friday the 13th film.

Second was a question from lizard971 who wanted to know what episodes of Supernatural Jared was most proud of, and which was the most difficult to film. While some actors might not be as dedicated as the fans when it comes to remembering specific episodes, Jared easily listed to memorable episodes in which Sam was front and center. He also talks about filming sex scenes and his recent engagement.

Finally, we gave Jared a chance to get even with his co-star by asking the same question: what’s the most embarrassing story he has about Jensen. Sadly, either Jared is quite forgetful, or Jensen is a pretty responsible guy, as there wasn’t a whole lot of dirt to dig up.

Next week at BuddyTV, we’ll bring you more exclusive video interviews, including the second part of our interview with Jensen Ackles in which he talks about Dean’s fate this season, and we’ll also have plenty of other footage and behind-the-scenes looks at the set, the Supernatural offices, and the Impala.

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