Michael Scofield will be faced with an interesting dilemma in the fourth season of Prison Break.  He will undoubtedly learn what has become of Sucre, the loyal friend who gave up him freedom in exchange for Michael’s.  Considering Michael has already broken out of two prisons, he’ll put that knowledge to good use in order to free his friend.  You didn’t think Michael would do it the fair and legal way, did you?  However, I predict that as he’s planning to rescue Sucre, he will find out that Sara is not dead after all.  She won’t just be a free woman, though.  She’ll require some rescuing herself.  Never fear, Michael Scofield is here.  The problem is that he can’t possibly be in two places at once so he’ll have to make a choice: love or friendship.

The BuddyTV readers are pretty divided on who Michael should focus on first. 48% of the readers feel that Michael should choose love and focus on Sara. 39% of the readers think it should be bros before hos and he should rescue Sucre from Sona. 13% were worried that Michael’s brother and nephew were not out of the woods yet and he should make sure that they were in the clear before doing anything else.

It is certainly a tough decision on Michael’s part. Both have given up their freedom for Michael in different ways. Sara did not voluntarily give hers up but she is the love of his life. No one wants to see their loved ones suffer. Those loved ones include Sucre. He has been with Michael every step of the way from the moment they bunked together in Fox River. How do you choose between two people who have showed the same amount of loyalty to you and are the reason that you are a free man? I have a feeling that Michael is going to choose Sara first and try to deal with Sucre second. I would just hate to see Sucre pay the ultimate price for Michael.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV