Chloe Sullivan is one of the pluckiest, most likable characters on Smallville, and as I found out when BuddyTV visited the set of Smallville, Chloe’s portrayer, Allison Mack, is also adorable and likable. The day we visited Metropolis, she actually had the day off, but agreed to come to the set for a few minutes anyway so that we could ask her some questions.

This season is a big one for both Chloe and Allison. The season will see a huge evolution in the character of Chloe, as she develops her superpower. We might be seeing Chloe use her power in tonight’s episode after the Green Arrow gets injured.

Season 8 of Smallville is a big season for Allison Mack because she’ll be taking her first forays into directing. She shared with us that she’s directing the 13th episode. She has found directing to be a terrifying and daunting, but exhilarating task, and by trying her hand at directing, she says that she has learned a lot about film making and has improved her craft as an actor as well.

Actually, it’s not just Chloe Sullivan and Allison Mack who will be changing and developing this season. Smallville in general is going through a period of growth. There are brand new cast members, new showrunners, and the show is now being shot on HD. Allison told us that all of these changes make season 8 of Smallville to be a whole new show altogether. It must be a challenge to keep things from getting stale after more than seven years of working on a show, but Allison still manages to bring a freshness to her acting week after week. I’m sure it certainly helps that she gets to play a character whom she describes as “independent, fiery, intelligent, insightful and compassionate.”

Please enjoy the video interview below. Take a look at what’s going on behind her on the Metropolis set as well. You can watch a stunt man getting whammed into a wall. For a better viewing experience, please change your YouTube settings to “high quality.”

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