If the sign of a great band is how often they change their name, then Andy Dwyer’s band, currently known as Mouse Rat but formerly known by a million other titles, is the best band in the world.

Check out this hilarious video montage of Andy’s best Mouse Rat moments, which comes to us exclusively from NBC this morning:

Probably a good thing they didn’t stick with “Penis Pendulum.” That just wouldn’t look right on a T-shirt.

Tonight’s episode of Parks and Recreation (8:30pm) is a rerun, but a great one: “Ron and Tammys,” in which Ron’s mom, Tammy 0, and his first ex-wife, Tammy I, face off with Leslie in a homemade moonshine drink-off. Don’t miss it! As videos like this one go to show, re-watching Parks and Recreation is sometimes more fun than watching it the first time.

(Image courtesy of NBC)