On tonight’s Hart of Dixie, Bluebell is experiencing a heat wave–one of both the weather and the naughty behavior that comes with it. Zoe and Wade grow physically closer while we get to see the family dynamic union of Lemon and George Tucker.

Heat Waves

Since this show is about the South, they eventually needed to address the heat; that is what this episode is about, though no one is complaining. Hot shirtless men. Frizzy, wavy sexy hair. Sweat, sweat, sweat. It’s a heat wave and it’s time to lose your inhibitions. At least, that is exactly what this episode is about.

It is very hot. Duh. Anyway, let’s just get over the case of the week. Zoe, George and Brick must deal with Southern twins trying to split money from their mother’s estate. Of course, one of them is crazy and injures the other so Zoe stitches her up. Brick claims the heat for the crazy’s reaction because heat makes everyone act out of character.

Always. But then, crazy sister knocks Zoe on the ground later at a bar. Granted, that is not that hard since Zoe is Snookie-size for television actresses. But still! Zoe, George and Brick track the girl down and it isn’t some form of mental illness. It’s from her dead mother’s car exhaust! Plausible and not rare? How can this be a medical diagnosis on television?

The ‘B’ plot is one of the most unholy union/alliance: George and Lemon. I really like George, though he seems stale as character next to high strung Lemon. The two make a cute couple though, and they do appear to love one another. Honestly, Scott Porter does get better looking every episode? For realsies. Zoe agrees! But her libido is all over the place this episode.

Speaking of, Zoe really wants to try and be that ‘New York’ girl this episode. The one who has one night stands. Again, is New York really that appealing? Luckily, Zoe gets to attempt this with Wade, who is actually smoking hot. Zoe fantasizes about him!

So Many Puns, Only One Recap So I Am Doing None

The marriage between Lemon and George is just doomed. Absolutely doomed. Mrs. Tucker hates Lemon because they are exactly the same person and Mr. Tucker and Brick root for opposing college football teams. In the South, that means it just won’t happen. Because of how terrible Lemon/Mrs. Tucker (which is weirder because Lemon literally will become Mrs. Tucker when she marries George), they decide to dine out. The same place Lavon and Dede are going on a date.

Of course, Lavon thinks this is no coincidence (Freud would say no too) and thinks Lemon is out to sabotage him. I hope Lemon actually has some good scheming skills. I would love her to be the Southern Blair Waldorf. Sadly no, she is just a high-strung little brat. And because this relationship is doomed (because George is clearly an interest for Zoe’s affections), this dinner is awkward.

Meanwhile, Zoe is hilarious in this episode on the sidelines, which is unusual since her name is in the title. Trying to be impulsive and sexy, Zoe gives in to her wants and decides to be ‘that’ girl with Wade. She literally grabs a handful of condoms from this jar (who knew the South was so liberal?) and is about to be on her merry way. After she changes about a thousand times in this cute montage; in one, it looks like she is a Power Ranger.

Before she can get it on with Wade though, she feels all morally and doctor-ally obligated to help her patient and enlists the guys. After that though, she is about to meet up with Wade and…failure. The heat wave is gone; this show can’t even afford fake rain. So sad. Wade just bit his lip. What is he a girl?

Cutting between this is Lemon and Lavon, who are about to kiss meaningfully. Lemon ran away like a little girl jealous that someone stole her doll and Lavon likes her. Am I the only one who finds that creepy? Lemon is about to cheat with Lavon. Their shirts aren’t even getting wet. Ugh. I can’t believe I am looking at the production value of this episode.

Whatever. George loves Lemon for all her faults and sticks up to the future version of his ‘future’ wife (his mom). George and Lemon enjoy being together. They are strangely domestic.

And Zoe, our title heroine, decides that she is not that kind of girl. This is what makes Zoe kind of a great role model for girls. I enjoy a snarky strong female character since I grew up on Buffy and Veronica Mars, but one with morals like those ladies? Awesome. So, in order to be wild and free, Zoe decides to go skinny dipping in that tempting pond with snakes, gators, and bugs. I don’t see the appeal.


“My contacts have literally melted onto my eyeballs.” Zoe is snarky. I approve.

“Lots of people get pregnant my age. I read the tabloids.” Old people, ew.

“I glued it to my tummy so I wouldn’t drown.” Kids are cute on this show.

My Take

Though the Southern conventions are getting predictable, I really think this show is one of the few freshmen shows that found its groove so easily. I am loving Zoe Hart as a character–less of a doctor though–and I hope we get to see more of the ensemble. Like the Asian Southern Shelly or more old people!

Emily E. Steck
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