Being a strong competitor is not always a good thing on Big Brother. No one knows that better than Steven, the second houseguest evicted from Big Brother 10, who was sent home by a vote of 9-0 mostly because he was perceived to be a stronger player than Dan, who spent the week sandbagging to appear like he wasn’t a threat.

BuddyTV spoke to Steven about his time in the Big Brother house. The gay rodeo champion talked about Jessie’s perceived dumbness, who he thinks will win, who his good friend Keesha will nominate this week, and the details behind Porno Password. Continue reading for a full transcript or to listen to the interview.

Hi, this is John from BuddyTV, and I’m talking to Steven, the second person evicted from Big Brother 10. How’s it going?

It’s going great. How are you?

I’m doing great. Going right into last night, did you know that it was going to be nine to zero, or did you have some expectations of getting at least some votes?

I had gone at least a few of the houseguests and asked, “Would you at least give me a vote so I don’t go out under a unanimous decision?” But, I also gave them the option that I understood they had their own game to play. I really kind of expected it to go that way.

I’m just wondering. When we’re watching at home, we don’t really get the full scope. But how much do you guys know when something like this happens, when the Power of Veto happens, when the nominations happen, when someone’s evicted. Do you guys all pretty much know exactly how it’s going to play out, or were there any surprises?

When Brian was put on the block, Jessie was removed by Power of Veto, of course, he took himself off. And then I was under the impression that Memphis was going up because that was what had been decided. Unbeknownst to me, the night before, everyone else in the house got together, had a quick meeting, and decided that instead of Memphis, Brian should go up. So when I was sitting at that Power of Veto meeting, I was shocked that Brian went up instead of Memphis. But most of the time, usually there’s a general consensus. You know, I knew, once I didn’t get taken off the block, I was the prime target. I was a threat to a lot of people in the house because they told me they considered me a good competitor.

Is that one of those backhanded compliments, where you accept it? Because Dan tried to do it almost the opposite way, where he tried to go against that and prove that he wasn’t a good competitor. Do you think that was a good strategy?

Yeah, I mean, absolutely. I think Dan played it perfectly. It was the general consensus, I was a good competitor. I had lots of conversations with lots of people about it. And even my friends and people that wanted me to stay in the house, they said the same thing. Dan ran around the house talking about what a bad competitor he was. He didn’t do very well in a few of the competitions and he showed to not be that great. From my point of view, if you’re really good at things and you win a lot of things, people generally want you out.

Going off of your speech before the votes were cast last night, it seemed to be pretty much all inside jokes I’m guessing with everyone else in the house. I’m wondering if you can explain any of those. Particularly, I’m very interested in Porno Password.

We had been playing a game. You know the game Password? We had been playing that game, only we decided to put a twist on it and call it Porno Password. I don’t know how much you got to see on the show, but there’s definitely a generational gap as far as Jerry and the rest of the house. One of the first times we tried to play Porno Password. You know, the idea is to choose some sort of naughty word or some sort of porno style of word to use, and his idea was “derriere.” And we all just cracked up about it. Everybody in the house just could not stop laughing at the fact that his idea of a porno word is derriere. And when we actually just tried to play the game out, nobody could even guess derriere because it was so far from what anybody thought would be the word.

That it is. Finally, I just have some quick questions, just about your thoughts on the other houseguests. First, who do you think is the smartest houseguest left in the house?

The smartest houseguest, I would say, is Angie.

And who would be the dumbest?

Uh, Jessie.

Is he really? Because he tried, in last night’s episode, to say that he’s not that dumb. But is that the consensus, that he really is the stereotypical, what you’d expect from him?

It’s really hard to say. I mean, when it comes to bodybuilding, he’s very intelligent. He knows a lot about your body and how to work out. But he’s only 22, and when you spend a lot of time with him, it really shows. His age, his maturity level, his intelligence really shows that he has a lot of growing up to do.

Who do you think has the best chance to win the entire game?

I actually discussed this with several houseguests and we were in agreement that we think Memphis has a very good chance of winning. It’s early, so it’s hard to get a real accurate forecast, but Memphis is a smart guy and he’s playing things right.

That’s exactly what Brian said as well last week, so there seems to be a consensus from at least everyone coming out of the house and, I guess, in the house too.

Yes, absolutely. And wha’ts funny is that he seems to be sliding under the radar, and I’m not quite sure if it’s because he was targeted so early that people feel sorry for, and the fact that they like him, and he’s smart and playing his cards well. I don’t know. Maybe a combination of all of those.

And then, with Keesha being the new HoH, who do you think is most in danger of being nominated and who do you think is going to be the target of elimination this week?

I had a discussion with Keesha right before the eviction ceremony, and I told her that she had to win HoH and that she had to put up two of the big three, either Libra, April or Ollie, because those three, in my opinion, are controlling the house right now. Although Keesha was playing both sides of it – she was their friend and my friend – she’s definitely a target. They want her out. And she would be very wise to break those three up.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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