Last night, The Biggest Loser kicked off its 6th season with contestants competing in pairs. Bob Harper led the teams of husbands and wives while Jillian took on parents and their children.  Among the husbands and wives were Stacey and Adam, of Washington D.C.  The two made it onto the show but unfortunately, their time was cut short when they were the first team eliminated.  Stacey may have lost 9 pounds at the weigh in, but it wasn’t enough compared to the double digits the rest of the women pulled.  Up against Heba and Ed, the orange team, the contestants decided that the green team would be the first to go and today, they spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview!

“I was happy and excited that we made the show,” Adam told BuddyTV today. His wife was a bit more enthusiastic, especially when she came face to face with her trainer for the first time. “I was ready to pass out! I could not believe that Bob came all the way to D.C. to surprise us. I just kept saying ‘Oh, my God!’ We were so excited and knew it was the beginning of a brand new life for us.”

Heba and Ed may have landed in the bottom this past week, but Stacey and Adam think that they might be the team to looking out.  When asked who had the best work ethic, they were unanimous in saying that it was the oragen team.  “Heba and Ed have the best work ethic,” Stacey told BuddyTV.  “They put in the time at the gym.  Heba is SO awesome at pushing Ed at those critical moments. They have the desire and competitive spirit to make it happen.”

Despite the fact that Vicky and Brady, the brown team, made the assumption that the green team acted like they had nothing to worry about the day of the weigh-in, Adam says that he didn’t feel misunderstood by any of the contestants and it’s not the reason they went home. “We got voted off for working hard – we worked hard because we were worried about going home that first week,” Stacey agreed.

Stacey and Adam may have been eliminated first this season but that doesn’t mean that their week with The Biggest Loser didn’t teach them life lessons that they took home with them. “One of the biggest changes has been getting more exercise into our daily lives and portion control,” Adam told BuddyTV. “ I am surprised that even though we do not eat as much, I am never hungry because I eat more frequently.” Since leaving the show, Stacy has lost 46 pounds and Adam has lost 54 pounds.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV