Last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent was fairly impressive.  Eli Mattson, SickStep, Donald Braswell, Nuttin But Stringz and Jonathan Burkin all turned in performances that ran the gamut from solid to amazing.  That’s in stark contrast to Tuesday night’s episode, where pretty much everyone phoned it in or attempted things beyond their skill level.  There were a lot of good performances this week, but not everyone could make it through to the top 10.  On a special half-hour episode of America’s Got Talent tonight, Jerry Springer finally unveiled the top 10 acts that will compete for a show in Las Vegas.  Read on to see if your favorites made the cut.

You may think that a condensed episode of America’s Got Talent would get right down to business, but don’t worry, there was still time for filler on tonight’s installment.  After trotting out the judges and flashing back to the previous two episodes, Jerry segued to the part of the show we were waiting for.  Instead of dragging this article out like it’s an AGT episode, let me just move on to what you want to know.

The America’s Got Talent Top 10:

The Wright Kids
Neil E. Boyd
Queen Emily
Paul Salos
Jessica Price
Kaitlyn Maher
Donald Braswell
Nuttin But Stringz
Eli Mattson
Joseph Hall

Acts Going Home Tonight:

The James Gang
Extreme Dance FX
The Cadence
Daniel Jens
Tapping Dads
Taubl Family
Sarah Lenore
Jonathan Burkin

Out of the top 10, I’m happiest to see Eli Mattson and Jessica Price included.  I loved Jessica’s performance last week and Eli’s last night, and I think either of them could easily win the entire competition.  I also don’t mind seeing Queen Emily, Nuttin But Stringz, Donald Braswell and Neil E. Boyd continue on, though I’m not sure any of them really blow my hair back.  Kaitlyn Maher and The Wright Kids should team up and start a group called The Wrong Kids, because they don’t belong in this competition at all.

As for the acts going home, I’m a bit flabbergasted that The Cadence and SickStep got the boot.  I thought SickStep were especially awesome, and The Cadence were entertaining if rather repetitive.  I’m also a bit annoyed that David Hasselhoff chose to keep Joseph Hall in the competition over Jonathan Burkin.  Not only does Jonathan have to go back home and have his flaming baton act mocked by bullies, but now he has to live with the fact that the Hoff crushed his dreams.  Oh well, I’ll just be thankful that I no longer have to be tormented by ZOOperstars and the Taubl Family.

That’s it for tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent!  Tune in next week to watch the top 10 acts go head to head in a bid to melt Piers Morgan’s cold, dead heart.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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