Older people generally don’t perform so well on The Amazing Race.  There’s nothing age-ist about it; The Amazing Race is physically grueling.  Many of the challenges feature obstacles that very much favor the young and fit.  The thing is, if The Amazing Race were to remove all the physical challenges, and it was more of a mental game, then the playing field would immediately be leveled.  As it stands now, the arduous travel regimen, the sheer amount of ground that must be covered, and the levels of exhaustion that must be kept at bay keep the older teams from really competing.  I’d love to say that Anita and Arthur, the Oregonian blueberry farming hippies, have a chance at winning a million dollars this upcoming season, but that’d be a lie.  They have an incredibly long shot at winning.  If you are in Vegas, do not bet on the Oregonian hippies.  They may be lovable (in my experience, blueberry farmers usually are), but they won’t be millionaires any time soon. 

Occupations: They maintain a blueberry farm.

Recent Team They’re Similar To:  Let’s do Fran and Barry, just because they were married for 40 years.  Anita and Arthur, though only married for 13 years, have known each other for over two decades.  Plus, they have kids and grandkids. 


Chances to Win: 
As low as you can go.  Older people never perform well on The Amazing Race.  Some have made it surprisingly far, but at some point the bodies start to break down and the mental fatigue sets in, and the younger cream rises to the top. 

Initial Thoughts:  Anita and Arthur are no fake hippies.  They are the real, touchy-feely things.  In their two minute interview below, they discuss astrological signs.  Really, that’s all you need to know.  They are on another planet.  I can guarantee that the duo will bring entertainment to the new season, and I only hope that they survive for at least a few weeks before being eliminated. 

Video Interview:

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