It has been a wild week in the Big Brother house! Jessica thought it would be a fun week, but she’s learned that being Head of Household doesn’t guarantee a good time. I have to give it to her, though. She may be the first HoH this season that didn’t let the room and title go to her head. She’s still the same fun lovin’, good time girl she always was.

Dick and Daniele were nominated again, but there is a very good chance that both of them will still be in the house at the end of the week …. again. Dick is working hard to get the numbers turned. Where before he was convinced that he was leaving this week, he now sees that it’s a very real possibility that he will be saved.

SPOILER WARNING: This article includes information and details about events in the Big Brother house not yet shown on TV.

Dick has had to eat a helping of crow. The people that he totally harassed on Saturday are the same people that he will have to make nice with in order to stay. He has been seriously courting Eric to flip his vote. Little does he know that Eric’s vote is not his to give. He’s tried to convince Eric that he and Jessica would be better off in an alliance with him and Daniele than with Dustin, Amber and Jameka. It’s been rather amusing watching Dick suck up to the guy he vilified last week.

Of course, he turned to Zach. But Zach told Dick that he could not vote to evict Dustin unless Jessica was to release him from a promise he made. He said that he’s played the game so far never having gone back on his word, and he gave his word to Jessica that he’d vote out whoever she told him to. Dick had Daniele talk to Zach next and he told her the same thing.

Zach has agreed to work on Jessica for Dick. I’m thinking that he has a little crush on her. He’s told Dick numerous times that there was a connection between them … I don’t see it. He talked Jessica into having a ‘date’ with him last night. It really was quite sweet and they sat outside and talked for hours. He gave her lots of food for thought about her current alliance. The gist of it is that he tried to get her to realize that her alliance with the LNC is not in her best interest.

The houseguests are convinced that there will be some kind of twist this week. Daniele says that someone in production with the initial ‘A’ told her that there will be a big twist in week 7. They’ve deduced that since last season there was a double eviction at this point, there will be one this week. When they had to tape their goodbye messages early, they really freaked.

I think they had to tape their messages early because of the surprise they got this morning. It was so funny! They were awakened by a little person dressed like the Mad Hatter. He ran around the house spouting sayings like “a snitch in time, saves nine”, “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead,” and “Fish and visitors stink after three days.”

He was so much fun to watch. He danced and messed with things. He followed them around and mocked them. He wouldn’t talk, though, except for the sayings. It was interesting watching the interaction. Zach had a blast, he followed him around and danced with him. Amber kept saying that she loved him. Jessica asked him how long he’d be staying after he said that line about the fish and visitors.

Once all they were all up and ready for the day, they were led outside. There they found a pirate on stilts and a barbershop quartet. The pirate said “It is not enough to succeed, others must fail.” “And afterall what is a lie, but the truth in masquerade”, and “Always drink upstream from the herd.” The barbershop quartet sang “Wild about Harry” and “Ivory Rag.”

Then back inside the house were other surprises. There were three white rabbits with cards on their necks and a white statue that did poses. Daniele was so cute with the rabbits. She wanted to hold them and climbed on top of the table to get one out of the cage. In the rabbit cage, there were veto symbols and on the cage was a sign that said ‘Friends Welcome.’.They really seemed to have a good time and it was really fun watching them.

I have no doubt that all of these things mean something, but what? Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t work that way. I have absolutely no clue what this all means. I’m wondering if they just have to remember things for the next HoH competition, or if the first one that figures out the puzzle will receive a special reward, a la Coup d’Etat. You’d think that the houseguests would be busting their butts trying to figure it out. Seems to me that Dick and Daniele were the houseguests that have been trying the hardest. The others have half way tried to, if anything at all.

So … anyway … who’s leaving? Dick should be the one leaving, but I can see a Dustin departure. Jen said that she was voting out Dick, but that was before Dustin was on the block with him. I don’t know if she’s changed her mind. She’s trying really hard to fit in with the LNC, so she may stick to voting out Dick. Zach will do whatever Jess tells him to do. Amber and Jameka will definitely vote out Dick, but Eric’s vote is the wild card. The latest America’s Player task was to tell him who to work to get evicted and I believe he was told that America chose Dustin to go.

Thursday should be a good show. We’ll find out who gets evicted, who’ll be the next Head of Household, and what this Mad Hatter thing is all about, I hope. If, indeed, this is a double eviction week, we should find this out tomorrow night, too, when the new HoH will have to make nominations on the spot. Can’t wait! Catch y’all in the forums!

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