This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Paris Torres, the first female dance to be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance. The self described contemporary-funk dancer impressed the judges with her technique and charisma during try-outs, tu-tu and all.

Paired with early-fan favorite Tony Bellissimo, Paris continued to impress the judges when she out-performed the hip-hopper in his own genre. Ultimately, Paris was eliminated not for lack of talent, but because she was one of eight female contemporary dancers. Going into the first elimination, Paris knew that a contemporary female dancer would be eliminated, for the sake of keeping the show diverse. Unfortunately for Paris, that dancer was her.

Take a listen to the interview above to hear everything Paris had to say about her time on So You Think You Can Dance and how she and Tony have a similar voting plan for the rest of the season. Below are a few of the highlights of our interview.

  • On what makes her contemporary dancing funky:  “I just add a broken down doll effect where you have popping in it, so it’s different from the norm of regular contemporary.”
  • On her most memorable moment: “Hearing I made the top 20 was a state of euphoria, but also stepping out on to the set on the first time and hearing people scream my name.”
  • On the inevitable elimination of a female contemporary dancer:  “There were 8 contemporary girls that made top 20, so I knew going into it that it was inevitable we’d be loosing a contemporary dancer the first night.  Of course I was hoping it wasn’t going to be me.”
  • On who she’ll be voting for now that she’s been eliminated: “Now that I know all of them and I’m so close to all of them, it goes beyond who is the best dancer. I think any of them are winners. I’m probably just going to sit there with Tony and vote for all of them.”

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)

Abbey Simmons

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